Terms & Conditions

All advertisements are subject to the approval of the Publisher.

Advertiser indemnifies The YGS Group and the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA) against losses or liabilities arising from this advertising. The YGS Group assumes no liability whatsoever, except to the extent of a one time paid advertisement of the same specification, in the next or similar publication, if any proven or admitted errors or omissions have occurred. Payment is due upon receipt of theinvoice. Interest shall be charged at 2% per month compounded to yield 26.82% per year on overdue accounts. A charge of $30.00 will be levied against all returned checks. Revisions to previously submitted ad copy are subject to additional charges. In the event of a contract cancellation, the advertiser/or agency agrees to repay The YGS Group any discounts granted for multiple insertions less any discount applicable for the number of insertions completed in the contract. All cancellations must be received in writing prior to the advertising sales deadline. All premium positions are noncancelable. Prices are net of agency commission. Ads may also appear in an online version of the publication(s). The YGS Group is not responsible for errors if a hard copy proof is not submitted with the electronic file.
Pre-payment for the first month’s insertion required from all first-time advertisers. All other advertisements billed 30 days. Advertisers whose accounts have outstanding balances over 60 days will be restricted from advertising until payment is received. Interruptions in an advertiser’s contract due to nonpayment will cause forfeiture of frequency discount rates. Advertisers and advertising agencies are jointly responsible for payment of all insertions. Publisher reserves the right to require payment in advance from companies with a poor credit history. Multiple insertions must be completed within 12 calendar months.
Agency Commission
Agency commission discount of 15% given to recognized advertising agencies providing camera-ready material if paid within 30 days of billing date. After 30 days, all unpaid accounts billed at gross rate plus service charge of 1.5% per month on unpaid balance. Schedules not completed will be rebilled at earned rate. The advertiser and its agency, jointly and separately, will indemnify and hold harmless the publisher, its officers, agents and employees from any loss or expenses (including attorney fees) incurred as a result of any claim including, but not limited to, claims or suits for libel, plagiarism, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement or any other claim or suit arising from the ads, their content or subject matter.
Space Reservations
No cancellation or changes accepted after closing date. Advertisers not meeting frequency on insertion order will incur short rate. All space reservations must be submitted in writing by magazine insertion order by closing date.