ACMA Print and Online Publications

The American Composites Manufacturers Association is proud to produce publications that educate, inform and advance the composites industry. ACMA print and online publications provide composites manufacturers with news and articles about the people, technology, markets and applications that can help them grow their businesses.

Why Participate?

ACMA is the world's largest trade group representing the composites industry. We provide strong, proactive leadership in technical, government and regulatory affairs. In the U.S. alone, the composites industry employs about 550,000 people and generates more than $45 billion in revenue per year. 


The composites industry makes products that:

• Improve fuel efficiency in cars, trucks, RVs, and trains 
• Are corrosion-resistant, such as pipes and tanks
• Turn wind into electricity 
• Clean emissions in coal plants 
• Transport ethanol 
• Enhance medical devices and technology 
• Protect our troops 
• Build bridges that don’t rust 
• And more!