Winter 2018

25 Steps

A quarter century ago, Advancing Philanthropy began giving voice to the philanthropic impulse and the essential role of fundraisers. In this issue, leading AP authors summarize the critical contributions of AFP during this period. What do we project for the next 25 years? We boil it down to 25 steps. 

Ad Close: 11/13/2017
Art Due: 11/29/2017

Summer 2018

A Million Faces

Be it million dollar checks or simple kindness to strangers, philanthropy is transformative. Who are these donors practicing “brotherly love?” Meet a fascinating spectrum of philanthropists worldwide who put a premium on two things: impact and trust.

Ad Close: 5/6/2018
Art Due: 6/1/2018

Fall 2018

The Edge

Just as Marvel has its X-Men, the philanthropy sector has its superheroes. Hear first-person stories on how they made it to the “cutting edge” and how their powers can be put to work in your everyday working life.

Ad Close: 08/14/2018
Art Due: 08/28/2018

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