We Protect and Grow Marketing’s Best Sellers

The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) protects and grows marketing’s best sellers. Founded in 1991 as the National Infomercial Marketing Association, ERA is the only trade association that represents the global leaders of the more-than-$350-billion direct-to-consumer marketplace.

With 475 member companies in 45 countries, we represent organizations that use the power of direct-to-consumer marketing to sell goods and services on television, online, and on radio. Our members practice a sophisticated and accountable marketing methodology, leveraging video, audio, and other mediums to compel a direct and measurable response.

Where We Stand

ERA works hard to protect the regulatory and legislative climate of direct response, while ensuring a favorable landscape that enhances direct response marketers’ ability to bring quality products and services to the consumer. In addition, the association strives to promote thought leadership and the sharing of knowledge to advance the direct response industry, as well as to facilitate relationships that help members drive their businesses’ growth and profitability.

About Our Readers

ER Magazine readers span from across the globe and represent a market of more than $350 billion. These individuals are the thought leaders in the direct-to-consumer marketplace who use the power of direct response marketing to sell goods and services on television, online, on radio, and now, on mobile. This publication is distributed to over 14,000 readers, nearly 70% of who are Owners or CEOs of their company.