Median Age 53
Female/Male 62% / 38%
Median Household Income $98,300
Obtained Higher Education 93%
Homeowner 90%
Average readers per copy 2.1


REALTOR® Magazine readers are engaged with the publication. 

70% Read 3 or 4 of every 4 issues
100%  Spend more than a half-hour with a typical issue
53% Visit, and spend 21 minutes per visit
71%  Took action as a result of reading REALTOR® magazine
40% Visited an advertiser’s website

Readers look to REALTOR® Magazine as a resource for:

65%  Education/professional development
63% Technology
54% Web Tools
58% Marketing

Trusted Influencers

REALTORS® refer service providers to their clients. They are particularly influential among the 40% of home buyers who are buying a home for the first time.

93% Recommend products and services to their clients.

REALTORS® Recommend:

84% Mortgage Lender
83% Home Inspector
72% Home Warranty
61%  Title Co/Insurance
56%  Termite/Insect Inspector
48% Banks/Financial Institution
46% Homeowner’s Insurance
35% Moving/Storage Company

Small-Business Owners

REALTORS® make their own buying decisions and spend generously on products and services.

The REALTOR® market of more than 1 million has a collective purchasing power of $6.6 billion.

$1.7 billion Business use of vehicles
$520 million Marketing of services
$740 million Technology products and services
$550 million Business promotion/Marketing
$740 million Administrative
$670 million Professional development 

Technology Adopters

REALTORS® embrace new technologies and marketing strategies that buyers are finding useful in their home search process. REALTORS® tend to find the most value in technology tools that allow them to conduct business quickly and conveniently, and on the go.

Over half (56%) of readers plan to purchase technology products in the next 12, including:
22% Laptop
21% Tablet
17% Printer
50% plan to purchase software in the next 12 months. The most popular are:
20%  Electronic signature software
15% Personal finance/tax preparation
14% Contact Management
79% renew or upgrade their cellular phone service at least every two years, averaging an upgrade every 22 months.

Financially Savvy

Average monthly credit card expenditures are $1,015.6 dollars, 2.1 times more than the American Consumer.

63% personally own a retirement/college savings account, a rate that exceeds the national average by 129%:

• 46% own an IRA, 3.4 times more than GfK MRI Adults

• 30% own a 401(K), 1.8 times more than GfK MRI Adults

Ownership of residence is more prevalent than renting (90% vs. 11%), and median home value is $315.3 thousand.

Reach More Owners and Managers

Three times a year, REALTOR® Magazine features content directed toward broker/owners. 

Brokers get:

  • Real-world guidance on operating a business
  • Tips on how to recruit and keep top-performing salespeople and staff
  • Profiles of cutting-edge and sometimes unconventional companies
  • Information pertinent to their positions as owner/manager

Broker Profile

Median Age 56
Attended College 91%
Median Employment Income $120,500
Median Household Income $136,700
Median Net Worth $979,300
Median Investment Portfolio  $328,000
Residential Brokerage 80%
Regular reader of REALTOR® Magazine  83%

Sources: 2016 REALTOR® Magazine Member Profile Study, GKI MRI 2015 Readership Study, 2016 Signet AdProbe Survey