2017 Editorial Calendar


A Revolution Takes Shape 

Visions From a New President

The Market Ahead (News Future)

Our 2017 outlook for the economy, housing and the commercial sector. What are the prospects for inventory and will interest rates start trending up? How are economic factors affecting buyer demand and seller decision-making? 

NAR in 2017

President Bill Brown of Oakland, Calif. is a second-generation REALTOR® who has spent more than 35 years as a commercial practitioner. These days, he’s as focused on promoting home ownership as he is protecting tax incentives for property investment.

Brokerage Management: Running a Transparent Brokerage

Communicating to your agents by a weekly email or monthly sales meeting isn’t enough. Transparency is what agents today, especially younger ones, expect. Here are the steps you need to take to remain accountable to agents, staff and consumers.

Selling: When Sellers Are Slow Decison-Makers

Shopping Guides

International Builders’ Show
What will future homes look like? A sneak peek at the trends and buzz from NAHB’s show in Orlando.

PLUS: Virtual Staging

Is it the right thing to do? The availability of virtual staging tools has given rise to ethical dilemmas. How can you use them and still present a “true picture” of a property


Your Career Path

Employing a Multitude of Skills

Turnaround Agents

During the housing crisis, many agents left real estate, but some pushed through and figured out how to work through the challenges of distressed markets and scarce clients. We’ll profile practitioners who were tempted to flee the business, but didn’t. How have they reinvented themselves and what are they doing differently today? 

What's Your Retirement Plan?

You’ve worked hard to develop and maintain and robust real estate business, but how prepared are you financially to step away from the business one day? We’ll hear from practitioners who have developed a solid savings and investment plan that will sustain them after their real estate careers winds down.

Commercial: The Greenest Buildings
Which cities have the greenest commercial real estate and what does it take to get there? Minneapolis, San Francisco and Chicago sit at the top, according to CBRE’s National Green Building Adoption Index. Plus, a look at how green features play into commercial transactions.
Selling: Working with First-Time Sellers
Shopping Guides

How do you choose? We ask real estate professionals what the deciding factors were when choosing the right platform for managing their contacts.

PLUS: Tablets
Are they dead or evolving? As phones get bigger (again), the buzz around tablets  seems to be waning. Can they still have a role in your business? 


Focus on the Future

Smart Ideas for Recruiting Young Professionals

"30 Under 30" Class of 2017

Honorees share their best networking strategies, and how they win business.

How I Chose My Agent (News Feature)
We’ll report on consumers of varying demographics to find out what sort of traits they were looking for when they chose an agent to work with, and what they liked or disliked most about the practitioner they chose. Draw on latest NAR Home Buyer and Seller data.

Brokerage Management
Brokers and the Gig Economy

Virtual assistants were just the beginning. We’ll look at how the Uber-mindset has enabled broker-owners to outsource a wide array of their workload from database management to compiling market reports. What are the pitfalls of or relying too heavily on remote contributors to help keep your business moving forward?

Selling: Managing Multiple Offers
Shopping Guides

Moving Apps
What apps can help your clients better organize a move? We look at offerings addressing all stages of the journey, from packing to transit and unloading. (Plus, apps to help you reach out to movers and organize and compare estimates.)

The tech that keeps the 30U30 on track.


Pay Attention to Boomers
Ad Study Issue

Strategies for Working with the Second-Biggest Cohort

Signet Ad Study®

Measure the effectiveness of your message with complimentary AdStudy®!

  • Receive valuable data measuring recall, readership, exposure, and actions taken
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Boomer/Millennial Pain Points

While millennials (75.4 million) overtook the boomers (74.9 million) in 2016,  the huge 52—70 year old set still exerts major muscle in the housing market (and real estate industry). But when agents and their clients come from different generations, the potential for misunderstandings looms large. This multipart package will offer viewpoints from millennial and boomer agents who will enlighten readers about how best to work with clients from their generation. Also practical case studies:

  • How to help downsizing clients
  • Working with a first-time buyer (widowed or divorced client who’s never bought a home before)
  • Boomers who seek multigenerational living space

PLUS: Cutting-Edge Retirement Communities
Online component: What’s your retirement plan?

Ideas That Need to Die
Strip the personality from a home to get it ready to list; replacement windows always improve energy efficiency; buy the biggest home you can afford. We’ll highlight a variety of long-held real estate beliefs that industry experts say no longer hold up.

Commercial: Matchmaking Tech for Tenant Reps
Commercial tenants seeking office or retail space rely on services from Crelow and other firms to find a fit. How the tech makes it cost-effective for brokers to work with small businesses seeking the right space. 

Selling: Working with Sellers When Home Inspection Goes Awry

Shopping Guides

Social Media
New apps allow users to capture 360-degree views and post the images to Facebook. How can this technology help you in your sales and marketing?

PLUS:  Relationship Management
Learn about new tools that help real estate professionals connect with clients more effectively. 


Change at the Top

A Guiding Force through the Cycles of Change

Dale Stinton: A Steadying Presence Through Tumultuous Times
A look at the career highlights of the retiring CEO

2017 REALTORS® Conference & Expo Preview
Chicago will be the site of the year's most captivating educational and networking event in real estate. Meet the speakers and get a taste of the conference, as it heads to the Windy City in November.

Franchise Report:
Check out our original research for a snapshot of the comparative offerings by leading brands and emerging players. Insights for brokers and agents. 

Brokerage Management: Pay-to-Play on Social Media?
How does Facebook decide what shows up on your company’s newsfeed? How should you adjust to the changing algorithms? Should you pay for Tweets? >>Sidebar: Brokers who’ve quit social media and never looked back.

Selling: What's New in Scripts

Shopping Guides

New Apple Products
How Apple’s latest releases can be applied to the real estate business.

PLUS: Drones
We take a look at the costs of buying and maintaining a drone and how to decide whether to do tackle the tech yourself or hire a pro.


Good Neighbor Awards

Learn how practitioners juggle business with life-changing volunteer work

REALTOR® Magazine's Good Neighbor Awards

The magazine honors REALTORS® for their extraordinary volunteer service is alleviating suffering and inspiring others to serve. Package includes a cover story, plus online-exclusive video, and awards gala at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo.

New CEO Takes the Reins
Q&A with the next chief exec of the REALTOR® organization

Commercial: Becoming a Developer
New construction is lagging so opportunities abound to forge relationships with builders and lenders to develop residential projects. Who’s doing it successfully and what have they learned?

Selling: Contingencies and How to Keep Them from Derailing a Deal

Shopping Guides

2018 Auto Preview
A look at the latest models and what are good options for real estate pros.

PLUS: Holiday Gift Guide
Ideas that your clients will appreciate.