2017 Print Specs

REALTOR® Magazine

Trim Size: 8" x 10.5"
Live Area: 7.5' x 10"
Binding: saddle stitched. Jogs to top, 1/8" trim

The term REALTOR® is a membership mark of the association and it means “member of the National Association of REALTORS® and we restrict its usage. Click here for our advertising policy.



Spread (Non Bleed)

15.5 x 10

Spread Bleed

16.25 x 10.75

Full Page (Non Bleed)

7.5 x 10

Full Page Bleed

8.25 x 10.75

1/2 Page

7.5 x 4.8125

1/3 Page (Square)

4.8125 x 4.8125

1/3 Page (w/Full Page)

2.5 x 10

1/4 Page (Square)

3.6875 x 4.8125

  • Ads must be supplied as a high-resolution PDF (PDF/x-1a:2003). Ads not supplied in this format will be returned.

  • REALTOR® Magazine is printed in 4-color process (CMYK). PMS colors will be converted to their 4-color equivalents. All advertising is subject to review for trademark use and copy content. Production costs for any copy changes will be charged back to the advertiser.

Insert and BRC Mechanical Requirements

  • Inserts require publisher’s approval for copy and mechanical specifications prior to running. Inserts may be furnished to REALTOR® Magazine pre-printed, or contact your sales representative for an insert printing quote.
  • Generally, minimum stock weight 60 lb. text; maximum stock weight 100 lb. text. Heavier paper stock may be accepted upon evaluation and may incur additional charges. Minimum stock weight for BRCs: 7pt. card stock. Inserts may bind-in or be tipped.
  • Special requirements for inserts and BRCs may incur additional bindery costs. 

Contact the Advertising Production Coordinator at 312.329.8332 or jpowers@realtors.org for additional production information.

Buyers' Market

Placement WxH

1/2 Page

7 x 4

1/4 Page   

3.375 x 4

1/8 Page

3.375 x 1.75

1/16 Page

3.375 x .625

Line Ads


*Minimum ad size is three lines. You may add a standard box around your ad for an additional charge of 15% of the total line cost. Example: 3 lines @ $106/line = $318 x 15% = $47.70. Classified line ads are typeset by REALTOR® Magazine in 8pt. ITC Franklin Gothic Book typestyle. You may select bold, italic, and capitalization within your ad. The information below will help you approximate the total number of lines, based on the number of characters in your ad (including spaces and punctuation marks) and the type variations you select:

  • Regular and Regular Italic 30
  • Bold and Bold Italic 27
  • CAPS 26
  • BOLD CAPS 24

Submit Artwork:

Fractional display ads should be submitted as a high resolution PDF. Contact the advertising production coordinator for ad specifications at 312.329.8332 or jpowers@realtors.org or sendmyad@theygsgroup.com.

2017 Digital Specs






728 x 90; URL

Inline Rectangle

300 x 250; URL



Text Ad

2030 words; URL

Rectangle Ad

300 x 250; URL

20-30 words of text for the non-html version of the newsletter

General Advertising Specifications

  • Image Types: JPEG, PNG (GIF for REALTORmag.com only)
  • Max File Size: 50k per unit
  • Max Looping: 30 seconds
  • Animation Allowed on REALTORmag.com only
  • Animation Time: 30 seconds suggested, 3 loop maximum. 
  • No Audio Allowed
  • 3rd Party Ad Serving Allowed.
  • All creative must be submitted 5 days prior to the launch of the campaign date.
  • Linking URL Linking URLs must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address
  • We strongly recommend that Rich Media ads be submitted in HTML 5 format. For HTML 5 Technical Requirements click here.

Online Advertising Guidelines

  • REALTOR® Magazine Online reserves the right to accept, retract, or reject any advertisement at any time. 
  • Provide linking URL with ad creative submission. Third party tags must be live at the time of submission to enable thorough testing before launch.
  • Advertisements cannot resemble REALTOR® Magazine Online content. 
  • Creative cannot use the REALTOR® name or logo without preapproval from REALTOR® Magazine.
  • Cookies are not allowed.