Reach the men and women who are Twice the Citizens and multiply the impact of your advertising dollars.
THE OFFICER journal, the bi-monthly publication of the Reserve Officers Association, serves as a primary link between ROA and its members through the print media and its online presence at

As a primary deliverer of national security issues, debate, features, as well as industry and legislative news, THE OFFICER has evolved in recent years to bring ROA’s 57,100 readers of the print edition and more than 30,000 online readers news and information they can’t get anywhere else. Circulation also includes 2,000 Reserve Enlisted Association members, every member of Congress, more than 2,000 flag and general officers, and every military installation library. In addition, ROA continues to work to include every Reserve mobilization center, veterans hospitals, and other facilities. The most recent addition is the inclusion of all 54 National Guard adjutants general. 

Structured to bring top issues and features to ROA’s readership, THE OFFICER also serves as a connection point between ROA members and the industries and companies that support them in the field and at home. While readership spans from early-career officers through longtime retired patriots, this unique diversity provides ample opportunity for advertisers to reach a wide swath of readers and still focus on their specific audiences to get the most out of their investment. 

THE OFFICER editorial direction this past year created tailor made opportunities for those most interested in using THE OFFICER as a platform to promote their best products and services to a discerning, intelligent, and loyal readership. 

Through partnerships with an ever-expanding group of advertisers, STARs partners, and other supporters, THE OFFICER will continue to grow and expand its influence, while making adjustments along the way to ensure the journal remains a vital educational tool and also serves as a natural bridge to connect THE OFFICER’s readers with the people and products they want.

By partnering with ROA as an advertiser, you have a myriad of traditional and technologically enhanced means of reaching an important audience of readers while showing your support for the men and women who serve this nation and keep you, your employees, and your customers safe and free. Furthermore, ROA’s members are truly Twice the Citizens. They are highly trained military professionals—officer and enlisted—including senior military officials and the Reserve Component service chiefs. They are also:  
• business owners, corporate directors, and CEOs
• medical and health care professionals
• security and law enforcement officials
• mid-level and upper-level managers in business and government 
• workers in various industries and fields, including air traffic control, transportation, engineering, public and civic law, public utilities management, intelligence analysis, facilities design and management, and real estate.