2018 Themes and Deadlines 

Dates and themes subject to change

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  • America's Drug Epidemic: Where Do We Stand With the War on Drugs?
  • The Trump Administration: A Year in Review
  • Virtual Training in Law Enforcement: More Than a Video Game
  • 2018 NSA Winter Conference Preview
  • A Swat Team Sets the Standard in South Carolina
Special Section Feature:

Hurricane Recovery and Relief Initiatives [Houston, Florida, USVI, Puerto Rico]

Event Distribution

2018 NSA Winter Conference JW Marriott, Washington, D.C. Feb. 10-13

 11/28/2017  12/1/2017
  • On the Border: Security, Immigration, and the Role of the Sheriff
  • The State of Affairs on Intel: Collecting, Interpreting, and Utilizing [Agency Head Roundtable]
  • Unmanned Aerial Equipment in Law Enforcement Best Uses and Practices
  • A Multi-Casualty Event on the Large Scale: Interoperability and Planning for the Unplanned
  • 2018 NSA Winter Conference Wrap-Up Report
 1/23/2018  1/29/2018
  • 2018 NSA Conference & Exhibition Preview
  • Crimes Against Humanity: Human Trafficking and Hate Crimes
  • The Retiring Sheriff: Exit Planning and What Comes Next
  • The Importance of Legal Expertise in Every Sheriff's Office: Specialized Legal Counsel for Law Enforcement
  • Civil and Social Protests: Rights, Respect, and Safety
Special Section Feature:
"Home for Hounds" Case Story: Dog Training Program in Dallas County Jail
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2018 NSA Conference & Exhibition New Orleans Morial Convention Center, New Orleans June 15-19

 3/20/2018  3/26/2018
  • Meet the 2018–2019 NSA President: Sheriff John Layton, Marion County, IN
  • Jails: Reentry and Recidivism Prevention
  • Hurricane Relief, Progress Report [Houston, Florida, USVI, Puerto Rico]
  • 2018 NSA Conference & Exhibition Wrap-Up Report
  • NSA's Florida Jails Training Facility
Special Section Feature:

NSA Charter/Bylaws Updates

 5/21/2018  5/25/2018
  • Must-Have Equipment for the 21st Century Sheriff's Office
  • The ROI on Body-Worn Cameras [Related Expenses, Catching Valor, Risks]
  • 1033 Equipment: Perception and Best Applications
  • The Leading-Edge in Dispatch Operation
  • Managing the Fallout From Convicted Officers and Officer-Involved Fatalities 
Special Section Feature:

Recruitment and Retention of Deputies

Special Section: Hot Products 
 7/24/2018  7/30/2018
  • Trust-Based Policing: Establishing Rapport With Your Community
  • Missing Persons: Utilizing Civilian Involvement
  • Green Light Projects Crime Deterrant Becomes Business Boost in Detroit
  • Social Media Strategy for Law Enforcement, More Than Just Family Photos
  • Communities Recognizing and Reporting Terrorist Recruitment Efforts
Special Section:

Statement of Ownership