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What Is APTA?

The American Physical Therapy Association is the national professional organization representing more than 100,000 member physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students of physical therapy. APTA’s goals are to foster advancements in physical therapist practice, research, and education; and to further the recognition of and support for the profession of physical therapy and the role of physical therapists.


APTA members rely on our print and digital communications to provide them with the critical information they need to stay at the top of their profession!

The results of APTA’s readership survey are clear … APTA print and digital publications are trusted resources. Whether seeking the latest in research, payment, or practice; information on products and services in the marketplace; or continuing education courses in physical therapy — APTA is the source PTs, PTAs, and students turn to first.

When you advertise with APTA, you can be confident that you’re gaining the audience you’re paying to reach! Your message is seen by active readers who have requested and paid to receive the publication. APTA Magazine's circulation numbers are audited by BPA, the independent firm that audits thousands of publications annually. No other physical therapy publication can make that claim. Our digital stats are provided by Google Analytics, the industry leader in metrics.

Purchasing Power Counts

In a recent survey, 80% of our physical therapist members report making or influencing purchasing decisions regularly. By advertising with APTA, you will reach over 52,000  physical therapists ready and able to purchase your products and services. 

Credibility Counts

When asked which physical therapy publications lend the greatest credibility to a company’s advertising message, the results are clear and overwhelming.

Physical therapy professionals trust APTA to provide them with information on credible companies, products, and services.

Remember, our readers request and pay to receive APTA publications. They report in overwhelming numbers that APTA print and digital publications are their first choice for information on the profession. Is there really any question as to where you should invest your valuable marketing dollars?

In fact, when compared to other publications, almost 50% of those surveyed say the advertising is the most credible in APTA Magazine.




Where Our Members Practice

Facility Type

Private Outpatient Office or Group Practice


Hospital-Based Outpatient Facility or Clinic


Acute Care Hospital


Academic Institution (Postsecondary)


Patient's Home/Home Care


Skilled Nursing Facility/Long-Term Care


School System (Preschool/Primary/Secondary)




Inpatient Rehab Facility


Research Center




Health and Wellness Facility