Terms & Conditions


All prices are net of agency commission. Full payment is due 30 days from invoice date; 2% discount applies if payment is received within 10 days of invoice date. Billing to the advertising agency is based on acceptance by the advertiser of "dual responsibility" for payment if the agency does not remit within 90 days. APTA reserves the right to contact the client to inform them of the agency’s delinquent status and potential consequences for both the agency and the client. Prepayment is required for all first-time advertisers and may be required if subsequent invoices are not paid in a timely manner. Publisher reserves the right to notify the client if the agency refuses to prepay. Publisher reserves the right to short-rate advertisers if frequency agreement is not fulfilled. 

Print Cancellations

Not accepted after closing date. All cancellations prior to space closing date must be made in writing and acknowledged by APTA.

Digital Cancellations

Cancellations must be made in writing 30 days prior to the ad close date. Cancellations will not be accepted after this date and advertiser will be responsible for the contracted insertion rate.

Policy applies to:

  • APTA Magazine
  • APTA Weekly Email Blast
  • APTA Magazine Email Blast
  • APTA Student News Email Blast
  • APTA Podcasts
Publisher's Protective Clause

Advertisers and their agencies assume full liability for all content of advertisements printed and responsibility for any claims arising therefrom against the publisher. Advertiser indemnifies APTA and YGS against losses or liabilities arising from advertising. If any admitted errors or omissions occur, APTA/YGS assumes no liability whatsoever, except to the extent of a one-time paid advertisement of the same specification in the next or similar publication. Errors in advertising must be noted immediately. APTA will not offer credit if ad repeats incorrectly.

All advertisements must be clearly identified with a trademark and/or signature of the advertiser. The word "Advertisement" shall be printed prominently on advertisements that, in the opinion of the publisher, might be confused with editorial pages. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement not considered suitable for publication. Publisher will not advertise any product, apparatus, instrument, device, or pharmaceutical product that is the subject of litigation pending before the FDA. Advertising will be accepted in cases of pending compliance or noncompliance with the FDA requirements if the advertiser includes a disclaimer in the copy stating: "FDA approval pending."

The publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on any insertion order or contract, when they conflict with the terms and conditions of this rate card and/or the advertising policies published online at http://www.apta.org/Advertise/Policies/