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  • An entire article in a word document OR it can be abridged with a link (example, no less than 400 words followed by a link to the full article)
  • AACC can also run banner images (777 x 437 pixels, or high-res image that they can crop) within your article, or AACC can use a stock image.
  • AACC can also include art (such as a company logo and link) in the article.
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  • Backup jpeg/gif recommended
  • Maximum animation time—15 seconds
  • Maximum loops—5
  • Recommended max frames per second (FPS)—15 FPS
  • Expanding units can be either click-initiated or on rollover (with collapse on roll-off)
  • Audio must be initiated by user click only
  • SWF file must have a click tag embedded on the ad
    • Example: "getURL(_root. clickTag,”_blank”);"
  • Maximum file size—40k
  • Maximum animation time—15 seconds
  • Maximum loops—5
  • An active click URL should be submitted with creative files