With a circulation of more than 13,000, HIV Specialist goes directly to frontline HIV care providers, pharmacists, policymakers, industry leaders, medical students, educators, and researchers.


HIV Specialist

HIV Specialist is a quarterly practice management magazine that addresses the unique issues facing frontline HIV care providers in the United States. The readership is comprised of providers with the highest volume of HIV patients in the country. 

The publisher of HIV Specialist, the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), is the nation’s leading independent organization of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing excellence in HIV care and prevention. The Academy membership of practitioners and credentialed providers manage the health of the majority of people with and at risk for HIV in the United States.

The magazine’s editorial focus provides readers with credible and useful information to help them care for HIV patients across the nation. Each issue covers a specific theme that is top-of-mind for HIV providers in the many settings they serve, with helpful and actionable information for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and HIV pharmacists alike. 

Issues include topical columns, On the Frontlines, At the Forefront, In the News, and Best Practices—all written by and about HIV providers and researchers. Included in our practice management approach are reports on the latest research, often authored by the researchers who have done the studies on which we are reporting.

Audience Profile

HIV Specialist reaches all Academy Members and credentialed HIV Specialists™, HIV Experts™, and HIV Pharmacists™ on a quarterly basis. With a circulation of more than 13,000, HIV Specialist goes directly to health care providers, pharmacists, policymakers, industry leaders, medical students, educators, and researchers. The magazine is also distributed to the HIV advocacy community, health departments, and medical schools across the country.

Readership is composed of several provider types: physicians specializing in infectious disease, internal medicine, and family practice, as well as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists. 

In addition to prescribing medications and providing quality care to those living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, these health care professionals are also responsible for recommending, specifying, approving, and purchasing products and services for their facilities.




Editorial Calendar

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Spring 2022

Combating Access Barriers
This issue will explore the barriers that exist restricting people from accessing proper care, treatment, prevention and testing. We will also look at how access to funding for HIV services may not be equitable in the needs of providers across the country. 
Feb. 1, 2022 Feb. 8, 2022

Summer 2022

Diversifying the HIV Workforce
With HIV specialists retiring and fewer medical students choosing to go into HIV care, we have known for a number of years of the impending workforce shortage.  As we recruit more medical professionals into HIV, we also need to consider how to encourage people of color to choose this profession. By diversifying the workforce, we are also taking serious health disparities that currently exist. 
Apr. 22, 2022 Apr. 29, 2022

Fall 2022

Addressing the Unique Needs of Women with HIV

Women face unique challenges in preventing and treating HIV. The issue will explore those challenges and offer solutions for moving forward.

July 29, 2022 Aug. 5, 2022

Winter 2022

Caring for the Older Person with HIV
People with HIV are living longer. However new challenges exist when managing the care of the older HIV patient. Comorbidities, drug-to-drug interactions and caregiving concerns complicate the ability to ensure people are aging optimally. 
Oct. 28, 2022 Nov. 4, 2022










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