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Issue Focus

March/April 2022

Cover: Standing the Test of Time: 7 architectural gems that will renew your spirit- Architectural gems that celebrate the human spirit.
Travel Resource: The West: Spring has sprung 

Ad Close: 2/9/22

Art Due: 2/22/22

May/June 2022

Cover: Marketplace 2023 Coverage: Detroit, Michigan- Visit Detroit will highlight what Marketplace attendees can expect for Jan 2023 Marketplace.
Travel Resource: Northeast: Views and valleys

Ad Close: 4/11/22

Art Due: 4/22/22

July/August 2022

Cover: Technology
Travel Resource: Midwest: Culture and zen

Ad Close: 6/8/22

Art Due: 6/21/22

September/October 2022

Cover: Take Flight: Why you should jump onboard the brewery craze- ABA member breweries and tour operators who run successful brewery tours.
Travel Resource: The South: Soak up the sun

Ad Close: 8/9/22

Art Due: 8/22/22

November/December 2022

Cover: Best of the Best
Travel Resource: Canada: Wild, wonderful, winter

Ad Close: 10/10/22

Art Due: 10/21/22

January/February 2023

Cover: Coming Soon
Travel Resource: Coming Soon

Bonus Distribution: Marketplace 2023, Detroit

Ad Close: Coming Soon

Art Due: Coming Soon

Deadlines subject to change


Net Rates

2-Page Spread




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2/3 Page




1/2 Page




1/3 Page




1/4 Page*




1/6 Page




Covers 2, 3, or 4




Opposite TOC

$4,700 $4,460 $4,230

*Offered in Nov/Dec Best of Best section only.



2-Page Spread

Trim: 17" x 10.875"
Bleed: 17.25" x 11.125"

Full Page

Trim: 8.5" x 10.875"
Bleed: 8.75" x 11.125"

2/3 Page

Vertical: 4.875" x 10"

1/2 Page

Horizontal: 7.5" x 4.875"

1/3 Page

Vertical: 2.375" x 10"
Square: 4.875" x 4.875"

1/4 Page*

Vertical: 3.5" x 4.875"

1/6 Page

Vertical: 2.375" x 4.875"

*Offered in Nov/Dec Best of Best section only.


Rates Guide Section

Net Rates

1/3 Page


Square: 4.875" x 4.875"

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Vertical: 3.5" x 4.875"

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Vertical: 2.375" x 4.875"


Advertorial Specs

WITH IMAGEDeliverables Required:
  • Headline – 6 words max
  • Sub-head – 15 words max
  • Body copy – 375 words max
  • Image – 7.25” wide x 3.625” tall; 300 dpi jpg
  • Logo – 300 dpi, eps preferred or high resolution jpg
  • Company info – contact name, phone number, email, address


WITHOUT IMAGEDeliverables Required:

  • Headline – 6 words max
  • Sub-head – 15 words max
  • Body copy – 750 words max
  • Logo – 300 dpi, eps preferred or high resolution jpg
  • Company info – contact name, phone number, email, address





  • high-resolution PDF/X-1a file is required for all ads.
  • Colors must be CMYK. No ICC profiles, RGB, or Pantone colors.
  • Resolution of all photography and scanned illustrations must be at least 300 dpi. Line art should be 600 dpi.
  • Vital copy and images must be at least 1/4" away from trim. Spread ads must have at least 3/8" total gutter.
  • Materials should be submitted without crop marks, but full-page ads should include the required 1/8" bleed.
  • All fonts used must be embedded in the PDF file.
  • Using the bold, italic or other style keys is not encouraged. Please use the bold or italic version of the font. (For example, instead of making Adobe® Garamond bold with the style key, use the actual font for Adobe® Garamond Bold.)
  • Flatten all layers and set transparency to highest setting.
  • Ads must be suitable to print as-is. ABA is not responsible for any errors in content.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Materials that do not meet the stated advertising specifications will be rejected.
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser. All materials must be submitted in accordance with the published deadlines and meet the criteria stated in the advertising policy.




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