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This publication, brought to you by the Amercian Bus Association, serves as the year-round resource for industry professionals to quickly and easily find the products and services that they use everyday to stay competitive. Its comprehensive listings and unparalleled ease-of-use make it a prime and trustworthy resource for all industry professionals

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The Most Comprehensive Email Newsletter and Online Newsfeed

The ABA email newsletter and online newsfeed are the most comprehensive combination of news available for the American Bus Association. Besides covering thousands of industry focused vendors, the ABA email newsletter and online newsfeed feature news and stories from top sources, magazines, and bloggers.

Limited Advertising - High Value

We strictly limit the number of ad spots to ensure our advertisers receive maximum exposure. We’ve carefully designed and priced a variety of advertising options to ensure maximum ROI!

Constant Exposure to Highly Engaged Audience

The newsfeed is promoted via a prominent link from the American Bus Association’s home page, available to members and the public via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When it comes to building awareness, nothing beats frequency!

Compelling Value
  • Industry’s premier online resource
  • Ultra relevant search results
  • Substantial promotion
  • Exclusive sponsorships reserved for subscribers
  • Special advertising bundles and incentives

*All ad placements within the ABA e-newsletter include a position within the ABA Newsfeed.

Space A, B, and E all get the rotator for A1/2 on the newsfeed.
Space C gets a C on the newsfeed.
Space D rotates in B on the newsfeed.

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The Tour Stop Weekly

Emailed Weekly: 3,150+
Average Open Rate: 25%
Average Click-Through Rate: 10%
The Tour Stop is a weekly publication sharing the latest news and happenings in the travel and tourism industry.

Ad placements require a minimum 3-month consecutive commitment.

Daily Bus Bulletin Sponsorship*

Subscribers: 2,000+
Average Open Rate: 30% (71.4% for total opens/repeats)
Average Click-Through Rate: 17.9%
Forwards: 2,955
Website Pageviews: 1,330

The very latest news impacting the motorcoach, travel, and tourism industry. Delivered 4x per week to executive-level members of the ABA. Receive an exclusive promotion line that appears under the masthead in each issue.

*Bus Bulletin is sent daily Tuesday-Friday

Rates and Specs

90-Day Cycle
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728 x 90

Top Banner


468 x 60

Travel or Product Showcase


175 x 125
5-word headline
50-word description
Link to your website

Featured Company


125 x 100
5-word headline
50-word description
Link to your website



120 x 600

Text Ad


5 descriptive bullet points – at 5–10 words each
Links for all 5 bullet points
Logo sized approximately 120 x 50

File Format - GIF or JPG | Max File Size - 40k

Ad materials may be changed once per month only at the same size and specification contracted for the 3-month period. Ad materials for and text for daily Bus Bulletin are due the 20th of the month prior to the month in which ad/promotion is running.

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The e-newsletter offers an unparalleled way to get directly into the inbox of qualified professionals.


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Premium position at the top of the eNewsletter guarantees all will see your ad when they open the newsletter.

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This rich advertorial allows for a product image or company logo, title and a message that will grab the user’s attention as it sits adjacent to editorial.

Ad spec: JPG, GIF, PNG; 300 x 250 px, 100 Characters for title plus 100 Characters for message


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These versatile ads can be used for branding or product promotion.

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Banners allow companies to combine imagery, color and text in an interesting and compelling manner.

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Insider Newsfeed



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Ad spec: JPG, GIF, PNG; 300 x 250 px, 100 Characters for title