ACA Online Advertising

251,301: Average monthly page views
65,000: Average monthly ad impressions

1,700+ Facebook likes
3,000+ Twitter followers
9,000+ LinkedIn members

ACA Online delivers breaking news and analysis to accounts receivable management industry leaders every day. Featuring more than 263,000 monthly page views, ACA Online is the go-to source of information for the best and the brightest in the accounts receivable management industry.

ACA uses its thriving social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to drive a new audience to the articles published at ACA Online and in ACA Daily and Collector magazine. Our stories are often picked up and aggregated by other social media users. Plus, the website’s responsive design offers enhanced mobile access.

With ads averaging 65,600 impressions per month, ACA Online gives advertisers a dependable way to increase their visibility to their target audience. Linked ads rotate throughout all major pages of the website.



1 month



3 months



6 months



1 year




Rotating Banner
Click-through URL

Increased Exposure

Rotating ads run throughout the website and do not necessarily appear in a set order. These ads receive virtually equal exposure unless an advertiser chooses to purchase additional ad slots, which will result in increased impressions. Advertisers may double their ad impressions by choosing the “2x exposure” option, triple their ad impressions by choosing the “3x exposure” options, etc.


All rotating online ads submitted for ACA Online must abide by the following requirements. Graphic ads must be a GIF or JPEG with a file size no greater than 40 kb. Flash ads are not accepted.


E-Newsletter Advertising

ACA Daily

7,350+ Subscribers
18% average email open rate
40% of subscribers access ACA Daily on a mobile device

Delivering accounts receivable management industry news headlines to executives every weekday morning, ACA Daily is ACA International’s indispensable e-newsletter. It features breaking industry news, compliance updates and association highlights for accounts receivable management professionals. Advertisers can reach 7,350+ ACA Daily subscribers.

Graphic Ads

ACA Daily graphic ads run in each issue after the news stories and are hyperlinked to the advertiser’s designated Web page.

Sponsored Content Ads

Sponsored content gives you the opportunity to incorporate your company and brand into ACA Daily. The ads run within the ACA Daily story lineup and are hyperlinked to the advertiser’s designated Web page. Each sponsored content ad will be identified as such according to ACA’s internal policies. Sponsored content ads will include an image (supplied by the advertiser, sized to required dimensions) and a headline/line of text (12-word limit).

Video Sponsorship

Have your company’s voice heard through with this new advertising opportunity! Create your own video to be featured or work with our team to put together an innovative video to reach ACA members. 

Videos must be hosted on an external website. Advertisers are asked to submit their destination URL and still image (360x300) to be placed and linked in the e-newsletter.

Ask our sales team how to get started!

Price per newsletter: $500

*Price does not include video creation. Please contact Tima for custom pricing. All videos are subject to ACA approval. 



1 day

1 week
1 month
3 months

ACA Daily Ad

360 x 300px
Click-through URL




ACA Daily Sponsored Content

360 x 300px
Headline/line of text (12-word limit).
Click-through URL




ACA Daily Video Sponsorship
360x300px Still Image 
Destination URL
$500/day - - -
File Size and Format

40 kb maximum. Nontransparent static JPG, static GIF or animated GIF. Please note that some versions of Outlook do not support viewing animated GIFs.

File Submission

The ad file must be received at least one week prior to the distribution date. If advertisers have reserved space but do not submit a graphic file at least one week in advance, they will be charged for the ad space. No “makegood” ads will be provided.

Attorneys: You can sponsor the ACA Daily Decision

73 Average clicks on Daily Decision each month
ACA Daily is emailed to over 7,350+ opt-in subscribers each business day
Open rate is 18%

Every business day*, ACA Daily reports on the most important legal items of the day. Subscribers, ACA members and high-level executives in the accounts receivable management industry, can also review ACA Daily on their member website which includes linkable ads.

As a sponsor of the Daily Decision, you’ll receive the following:

  • 1120 x 110px ad designed by ACA with your logo linked to a designated URL. Ad example below.
  • Text sponsorship with link to your web page in the Daily Decision and in the article on ACA Online with a line of text to include with the link to your webpage. See online example here.
Materials needed: 
  • Logo 
  • Designated URL 

Your ad appears on the designated days, and you will be the exclusive sponsor that day.

*Please note ACA Daily does not publish on Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, December 24 and 25, Jan. 1, the Friday before Easter, Independence Day (when it falls on a weekday), Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Ad example:




1 day 


1 week


1 month


Collector Magazine Digital Edition

11,548: Average page views per digital issue
15% increase in unique visitors from previous years
4:14 minutes: Time spent per visit

Collector magazine is available in a digital edition at With more than 24,400 monthly page views, the Collector digital edition offers one more way for you to reach your audience. 

Benefits to readers include: all the features of Collector’s print edition; an interactive table of contents; links to advertiser websites; viewable in any Web browser with no additional software needed; and a download option to view even when not online.

Advertisers can increase their reach and visibility with multimedia and interactive ads.

Placement Rate Spec
Skyscraper ad ( 2 per issue) $900
Click-through URL
Top Leaderboard (1 per issue) $900
Click-through URL
Interior Ad $500 8.75" x 11.25"
Bellyband $700
Click-through URL
Interstitial Ad $500  


HTML E-blasts

Let ACA send an email blast to our membership as sponsored content. New products and services that you want the industry to know about right now can be sent in an email. Limited to one per week.

Member Rate: $2,000

Non-Member Rate: $3,000

Materials Requirements
  • Fully designed, ready-to-send email in an HTML file. (use a testing service such as litmus to confirm html validation and deliverability of code)
  • Footer Text
  • All images and fonts need to be linked to the appropriate files hosted on your servers (no local files)
  • All hyperlinks need to be embedded
  • Subject line for the email

*All promotions are subject to approval by The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and can be discontinued for any reason at any time

ACA International’s Mobile App

ACA’s mobile app is the ARM industry’s go-to source for association and industry information, including:

  • A continuously updated newsfeed.
  • Information on ACA’s events throughout the year.
  • A forum for discussion on industry topics.
  • Access to a mobile online directory.

Cost for the Quarter
Banner Advertising
Sponsored Content
Enhanced Engagement
Splash Screen Ad
Spots Available

Tier 1



Tier 2




Tier 3





Tier 4







  • All tiers include a 1032x360 banner
  • Click-through URL

Podcast Sponsorships

16,900+ Total downloads

ACA Cast is a podcast delivering the latest accounts receivable management industry news and information. The ACA Cast audience turns in to hear association staff, business owners, advocacy experts, attorneys and ARM thought leaders dive into a wide range of trends and issues impacting the industry.

Podcast Overview

Airs: 1-2 episodes per month
Length: 10-15 minutes (average)
Listeners: 150 individuals per show (average)
Download/Subscribe: ACA Online ( as well as most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and Buzzsprout.

Recent Podcast Topics

  • Call Baiting: Don't Get Hooked
  • The Soft Touch to Health Care Collections
  • COVID-19: Working in a New Environment
  • A Closer Look at M&As
  • Case Law Review


Podcasts are promoted to the entire ACA community, including ACA Daily subscribers (7,800+), website visitors (21,600+) and ACA member emails (8,000+ contacts).


$750.00 for 1 podcast
$600.00 for 3 podcast ($1,800.00 total)
$500.00 for 5 or more ($2,500.00 total)

ACA Cast Sponsorship Details

  • One sponsorship per podcast.
  • One commercial per podcast. Choice of:
    • Pre-recorded commercial: provided by sponsor (2 minutes)
    • Host-read commercial: content provided by sponsor, read by ACA staff host (2 minutes)
  • Sponsor promoted via social media mentions (minimum 7 posts), promotional articles on ACA Daily (7 mentions per podcast) and emailed ads (minimum 3 emails).
  • Sponsor logo included with episode description on ACA’s website:

Webinar Sponsorships

20% Increase in attendance from 2018-2020

ACA Hot Topic webinars are some of the association’s most popular products. Experts from across the country provide attendees with information on the latest issues, rules and regulations that affect ARM businesses, and are a great way to target leads for your sales efforts. Sponsoring a webinar allows you to share your expertise on the subject or simply associate your brand with ACA’s sophisticated take on critical industry information. Hot Topic webinars are recorded, so your ad will reach people even after the initial event wraps.

Recent Webinar Topics

  • CFPB's Debt Collection Rule
  • Call Blocking and Labeling
  • New Case Laws
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Collection Letter Workflows

Webinar Sponsorship Details

  1. Sponsor-designated employee can read a commercial before the event begins (2 minutes).
  2. Sponsor promoted via social media mentions (minimum 7 posts), promotional articles on ACA Daily (7 mentions per webinar) and emailed ads to ACA membership (minimum 4).
  3. Sponsor receives a list of the event attendees with email contacts.
  4. Sponsor logo included on opening/closing slides of webinar and in webinar description on ACA’s website.


Webinars are promoted to the entire ACA community, including ACA Daily subscribers (7,800+), Collector magazine readers (4,200+), website visitors (21,600+) and ACA member emails (8,000+ contacts).


1x: $2,500
2x: $2,000 each
3x: $1,500 each

File Submission

If advertisers have reserved space but do not submit a graphic file on time per the deadlines in the media kit, they will be charged for the ad space. No “make good” ads will be provided.