Advertising Inserts

Insert Rates


Two-Page Insert

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Four-Page Insert

Insert Sizes and Specifications

Insert Type
Trim Size

Two Page (one sheet/two sides)


8" x 11.125"

8" x 10.875"

Two Page (one sheet/two sides)


8.5" x 11.125"

8.25" x 10.875

Four Page (one sheet/two sides; folded)


16" x 11.125"; folds to 8" x 11.125"

16" x 10.875"; folds to 8" x 10.875"

Four Page (one sheet/two sides; folded)


16.75" x 11.125"; folds to 8.375" x 11.125"

16.5" x 10.875"; folds to 8.25" x 10.875"

  • APMA requires a two-month notice of the date of insertion.
  • Inserts are subject to APMA approval, prior to Display Ad Space Reservation date.
  • For tip-ons: an extra 1/8" is added to the top and bottom for trim.
  • For Stitched: an extra 1/8" is added to ad sides for binding and trim.
  • All inserts are to be supplied folded. Live matter should not exceed 1/4" minimum inside all edges of trimmed insert.
  • Note: Because the magazine is perfect bound, no 4" lip is necessary for stitched inserts. That requirement is only for saddle-stitched publications.

Additional Opportunities Available for APMA News

  1. Larger units, gate-folds, tip-ins, die-cuts: Rates upon request.
  2. Back-up rates (per page): 1/2x earned B/W page rate.
  3. Business Reply Cards: 1x earned B/W page rate.
  4. Larger Size Business Reply Cards: 2x earned B/W page rate.
  5. Business Reply Card Requirements: A business reply card will be accepted when run in conjunction with an advertisement of at least one page. Please check with the production manager for mechanical requirements.
  6. Polybagged Outserts
    Specs for above mentioned items are available upon request.