Target Your Audience 24/7 with Digital Advertising

We live, work, get our news, and buy in an increasingly digital world. Online advertising not only allows you to zero in on your target customer, but also gives you extensive tools to track the ROI of your marketing dollars. Your ad, with an active link, instantly takes decision makers to current information about products and services they’re ready to buy. From lower banner ads to sponsored content on the homepage, APMA.org provides you with the tools to stay in front of podiatrists.

1:09 average time on page
2,262,103 pageviews
1,785,829 unique pageviews
881,877 unique visitors

Metrics (12-month average) 

Sponsored Content

Homepage metrics: 

  • 29,898 views per month- 358,772 per year
  • 14,112 unique views per month- 169,344 per year
  • Ave time on page: 0:24 sec

Metrics (12-month average)

$2,500 per month
$3,000 includes imbedded video
Sponsored Content deliverables- should be provided 2 weeks before run date:
  • Logo (jpg 300 dpi or higher)
  • Headline (up to 6 words)
  • Word Preview (up to 30 words)
  • Optional: Hero image (2000px wide, between 800-1200px high), left side should have a dark background for a headline in white text 
  • Copy for article (no more than 400 words via Word document) for APMA.org; hero image will link to this article, and article will link to URL of advertiser's choice. 
  • Up to two images
  • Link text + URL text

Social media promotion included before run date. 

Banner Advertising

Each banner slot can accommodate up to three ads in rotation.
Ad Size Net Rate/Month 
Lower Banner (728 x 90) $1200 per month or $12,500 annually

Looking to reach patients and consumers? The Learn About Feet page on APMA.org is the perfect place! Advertise solely on this page and receive a lower banner placement for $800 per month.
Call your Account Executive for availability

File Specifications

  • jpeg and gif files only
  • Animation is not allowed
  • File size max 30KB


Retargeting campaigns allow you to deliver your banner or video ads to apma.org visitors after they have left the website, as they are surfing their favorite news, entertainment, lifestyle, and business sites. When your banners or videos are placed in our retargeting program, your ads “follow” our visitors while they perform Google searches and visit other partner websites within Google’s expansive Search and Display Networks. Google Search is the gold standard of internet search engines. The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publishers, including websites like nytimes.com and weather.com and Google-owned websites like Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube and more.

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses a simple Javascript code to target your audience across the web and on social media, allowing your ads to be served to qualified users that have visited APMA’s website pages that begin with https://www.apma.org/PracticingDPMs/

You provide your campaign budget and your ads will run until contracted impressions are met on APMA’s website pages that begin with https://www.apma.org/PracticingDPMs/. Submitting all materials as recommended will provide the highest placement rate and allow the system to best optimize your ad campaign for performance. Keep the message simple and the text as large and easy-to-read as possible.


Advertiser to provide the materials as noted for the contracted display ads or video for the Retargeting Campaign:

  • Banners:
    • Display banners for both desktop and mobile in all of these sizes:
      • 300x250
      • 300x600
      • 320x50
      • 728x90
      • 160x600
      • 300x50
    • Video
      • MP4
      • File Size: 10MB
      • 15-30 second video

Materials need to be delivered to YGS at least two weeks prior to the campaign starting. (Pixel needs placed on the website two weeks prior to build the list of visitors who will be served the ads.) 

Contact Rob for pricing and advertising information at Robert.Glass@theygsgroup.com.