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The American Public Power Association is the voice of not-for-profit, community-owned utilities that power 2,000 towns and cities nationwide. We represent public power before the federal government to protect the interests of the more than 49 million people that public power utilities serve, and the 93,000 people they employ. Our association advocates and advises on electricity policy, technology, trends, training, and operations. Our members strengthen their communities by providing superior service, engaging citizens, and instilling pride in community-owned power.

In addition to community-owned utilities, our membership includes state/regional associations of utilities and joint action agencies that buy wholesale power and a host of products and services collectively for their members. Our membership also includes more than 200 companies that provide products and services to the electric utility industry

Public power systems are powerful economic engines that:

  • Are run mostly by municipal governments
  • Can adopt new programs and technologies with speed
  • Serve anywhere from 100 to 1.5 million meters in a region
  • Generate, buy, sell, transmit, and distribute electricity
  • Depend on a mix of fuels — natural gas, coal, nuclear, solar, wind, hydro, etc.
  • Are regulated mostly by local/state laws and set their own rates

APPA connects you to decision makers at public power utilities, associations, and agencies that constitute 59% of providers in the $250 billion electric utility market.

Reach the top executives and policymakers who approve strategic planning,
budgeting, purchasing, and contracting.
APPA’s media and resources also command the attention of key players in the North American power industry.
  • General managers/CEOs
  • Chief operating and financial officers
  • Superintendents and managers
  • Resource planners
  • Mayors and city council members
  • Governance board members and commissioners
  • Federal government agencies
  • Major news outlets
  • Community choice aggregators
  • Rural electric cooperatives 
  • Investor-owned utilities
  • Consultants and service organizations
  • Vendors and suppliers


APPA publications are the go-to source on key industry trends and topics:
  • Bills and rates
  • Bonds and financing
  • Communications and customer service
  • Community engagement
  • Cybersecurity and physical security
  • Disaster response and mutual aid
  • Distributed energy resources and renewables
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electricity markets
  • Energy storage
  • Environment
  • Generation
  • Reliability
  • Safety and risk management
  • Grid modernization
  • Transmission
  • Workforce and salaries

APPA members turn to us first for industry news and insights. More than 1 in 5 readers report that we are their sole source of industry news, unique perspectives, case studies, and custom analysis of the impact of industry developments.