FAA Website

Target visitors to FAA's official website (faahq.org).

Average Monthly Impressions: 11,700
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months

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Multifamily Florida Digital Edition

Enhance Your Print Ad and Target an Online Audience

Circulation: 14,000

The digital edition of Multifamily Florida not only includes all the content and advertising found in the print version, but also links your ad directly to your company’s website. Additional enhancements are also available.




120 x 660 px

Top or Bottom Banner


468 x 60 px



617 x 378 px

Ad Gen: lead generation form 


Email address to be supplied

Ad Jolt: animated version of print ad

$450 Animated gif version of print ad must be provided

Please submit all ads to sendmyad@theYGSgroup.com.

Florida APTitudes

Increase Your Presence with Apartment Professionals

Opens: 1,670
CTR: 0.7%

Florida APTitudes reaches members and other industry professionals monthly to keep them up to date on everything FAA.

Sections include: 

  • What’s New in the FAA
  • What’s New Nationally
  • What’s New Around the State
  • Upcoming Events
Sponsored Content

2 months, $2,095
Two advertisers per issue
30 – 40 words and logo

Horizontal Banner

4 months, $450
Four advertisers per issue
300x100 px

Please submit all ads to sendmyad@theYGSgroup.com.