FlexPack VOICE® Digital Edition

FlexPack Voice® magazine digital edition is a continued opportunity to connect with active readers and buyers. Optimize your marketing message, branding, and exposure with belly bands, blow-in cards, video, audio, flash, customer surveys, and more! 



Package: Left of Front Cover plus Skyscraper

8.5" x 11.5" AND 160 x 600px


Left of Front Cover 

8.5" x 11.5" 



160 x 600px


Belly Band Front Cover

8.25" x 3"


All digital ads include a clickthrough URL.

Issue Promotion Video & Eblast

This bimonthly eblast features a video showcasing each issue of FlexPack VOICE® before the magazine is distributed. Sent 3-5 days prior to the digital edition release, the Video Issue Announcement Eblast is a preview of each issue of FlexPack VOICE®

Advertising Opportunities


Video Pre-Roll Exclusive Sponsorship

5-10 second pre-roll video or static ad/logo 
Static ad/logo should be RGB and jpg or png


Video Internal Ad

Video stops on advertiser's FlexPack Voice® magazine print ad for several seconds

Single advertiser opportunity


Announcement Eblast Top Banner Ad

650 x 90px


Announcement Eblast Bottom Banner Ad

650 x 90px


Ads include clickthrough URL.

eNewsletter Advertising Opportunities

FPA offers two enewsletters reaching more than 1,200 flexible packaging industry professionals and business leaders.

FPA Industry News Bulletin

Distribution: 1,200+

Weekly enewsletter including industry articles and press releases. Industry News Bulletin is delivered every Monday.


Distribution: 1,200+

Monthly enewsletter focusing on industry trends, sustainability, and events. FPA Now is delivered the beginning of the month.




eNews Rates and Specs

Industry News Bulletin - weekly
FPA Now - monthly

Banner 1

640 x 60px





Banner 2

640 x 60px





Banner 3

640 x 60px





Banner 4

640 x 60px





Content Sponsorship

Headline: 7 words

Body content: 50 words

Company logo: at or under 300px





Ads include clickthrough URL.



FlexPack VOICE® Online

FlexPack VOICE®  Online presents much more than the content from the print magazine. It also includes expanded industry coverage and additional features, which are updated multiple times each month to attract a wide audience in between print editions. Benefit from a range of powerful advertising opportunities listed below, including sponsored content.

Check out FlexPack VOICE®  Online!


Advertising Opportunities

Rate per Month


728 x 90px


Sponsored Content

  • 500-900 Word Count Article
  • Short (2-3 sentence) summary to introduce article 
  • Company Logo (Larger than 250px is preferred) 
  • Short Company Bio 
  • Feature image: 700 x 394px
  • Additional image: 1920 x 350px
  • Optional: Author Information & Photo (700 x 394px)
  • Optional: Embedded Video
Sponsored Content is shared across FPA social media platforms and in eNewsletter(s).


Square Banner

300 x 250px 


Ads include clickthrough URL.

Social Media Timeline Posts

Get in front of FPA’s engaged social media following on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Take advantage of multiple posts per platform, including pinned posts. 

LinkedIn: 11,000+ followers
Twitter: 1,600+ followers
Instagram: 1,600+ followers


  • $1,000 for 2 posts on each of 2 platforms (1 post per platform per day)
  • $1,500 for 2 posts on each of 3 platforms (1 post per platform per day)


  • Posts are sold by the month and must be scheduled for the same month
  • LinkedIn posts pinned to the top of the company page for the month(s) 
  • Twitter posts pinned to the top of the profile for the month(s)
  • Instagram highlight featured on the account profile of Stories for the month(s)
  • Advertiser is responsible for monitoring posts and responding to inquiries
  • LinkedIn and Twitter are industry-focused platforms; Instagram is consumer-focused 


PerfectPackaging.com Blog

FPA’s popular blog focuses on sharing information about the flexible packaging industry and reducing waste, environmental footprints, and recycling. Share your message and educate and inform about the environmental impact of flexible packaging. 

Check out the blog.

Average monthly visitors: 1,000+
Average monthly pageviews: 1,700+


  • $2,000 each (includes sharing on social media)


  • Blogs are sold by the month
  • Include a featured image 
  • Pinned to the top row of the blog for the month(s)
  • Advertiser to provide all content. FPA has the right to refuse any sponsored content or suggest revisions.





Sponsored Eblasts

Let FPA send an email blast to our membership as sponsored content. New products and services that you want the industry to know about right now can be sent in an email.

Average Distribution: 3,000

Materials Requirements
  • Fully designed, ready-to-send email in an HTML file (use a testing service such as litmus to confirm html validation and deliverability of code)
    • All images and fonts need to be linked to the appropriate files hosted on your servers (no local files)
    • All hyperlinks need to be embedded
    • Footer to include Company Name, Full Address, Email Address
  • Subject line for email (40 characters maximum)
  • Pre-Header text for the email (75 characters maximum)
  • Email Address to send from
General Requirements
  • All content is subject to review by FPA editorial advisers.
  • Any facts or statistics must be published in a peer-reviewed publication and cited in the ad.
  • The word “Advertorial” or “Advertisement” must appear at the top or bottom of the ad.
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser.
  • Materials that do not meet stated advertising specifications will be rejected.
  • Ask your account executive for submission processes and deadlines