Digital Edition Email Sponsorship

Average Distribution: 2,000

2 sends per month

Average Open Rate: 23.13%*

The Compoundings Digital Edition Email Sponsorship is great way to reach decision makers in the lubricant industry and track your ROI! Sent twice a month, the email alerts readers not to miss out on the latest digital edition of Compoundings magazine, covering trends in the lubricants industry, market reports, international business insights, legislative and regulatory updates, an industry calendar of events and more, as well as what’s going on with ILMA and ILMA members.

2021/2022 Rates & Specs

Email Sponsorship

Sponsored Content Text Ad

50-75 words (including a headline and click-through URL) and a logo (transparent PNG file preferred)


Top Banner

600 x 80 pixels / JPG + URL link


Middle Banner (1)

600 x 80 pixels / JPG + URL link



600 x 130 pixels / JPG + URL link


Exclusive Email Sponsor



*from January 2021 to August 2021


NEW! Meeting Eblasts - ILMA Engage and the Annual Meeting

Average Distribution: 2,000

1 send: $600
2 sends: $1,000

Promote your brand through ILMA's email communication of ILMA Engage and the Annual Meeting! With two different placement options,

the eblasts will be sent out twice a week until the conference. 

Sponsored Content Text Ad

50-75 words (including a headline and website URL) and a logo

Top Banner

600 x 80 pixels / JPG


ILMA Annual Meeting emails will start sending June 1st- don't miss your opportunity! 









Sponsored Email

Average Distribution: 2,000
Average Open Rate: 27.77%*
$1,500 per email

Let ILMA send an email blast all about you to our readership as sponsored content. Control the content of your message. New products and services that you want the industry to know about right now can be sent in an email.

Materials Requirements

  • Fully designed, ready-to-send email in an HTML file (use a testing service such as Litmus to confirm HTML validation and deliverability of code)
  • All images and fonts need to be linked to the appropriate files hosted on your servers (no local files)
  • All hyperlinks need to be embedded
  • Subject line for the email
  • Pre-header text has a character limit of 98
  • HTML files should be 600-650 pixels wide

General Requirements

  • All content is subject to review by ILMA editorial advisers.
  • Email proof will be provided to advertiser
  • Any facts or statistics must be published in a peer-reviewed publication and cited in the ad.
  • The word “This is a paid advertisement” must appear in the top right hand corner as a diagonal banner
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser.

Advertisers should submit materials no later than 2 weeks before the designated send week - contact us for additional submission processes and deadlines.

*from January 2021 to August 2021