ITE Journal’s Professional Services Directory

Be Where Your Customers Are

Prominent consultants and business leaders in the transportation industry advertise in the ITE Professional Services Directory. Ensure your business is seen.

Distributed monthly to more than 14,000 subscribers and ITE members, the Professional Services Directory is your opportunity to highlight your service offerings at a great rate. Ad rate is $1,500 for 12 months (distributed monthly). In addition to the print publication, Professional Services Directory advertisers receive:

  • Link to a URL of the advertiser’s choice in the online edition of the ITE Journal
    • Average unique readers: 1,500/month
    • Average page views: 31,500/month 
    • Average time spent per reader: 3.86 mins
    • Average clicks: 52/month
  • Promotion via ITE’s social media platforms as an advertiser in the Directory
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    • Facebook @ITEHQ: 5,293 followers
    • LinkedIn: 6,722 followers