Webinar Sponsorships

ITE has created webinars designed specifically to meet the individual objectives of transportation professionals. Four categories of live and on-demand webinars provide you with access to the latest trends in transportation, fundamental knowledge, skill- and career-building topics, and certification preparation. A fifth category–ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)–offers a limited-time opportunity to catch up on a recently held webinar or the chance to listen to a webinar version of selected sessions from an ITE live meeting.

Sponsor Receives:

  • Verbal recognition at the beginning and end of the webinar
  • One slide during the presentation with company name and logo
  • Contact information on those attendees who opt-in to provide this information
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Short shelf-life webinars designed to keep transportation professionals in the know about the latest transportation practices and emerging transportation issues.

  • Building Better Bike Lanes with the Advocacy Community Leading the Way
  • The Pursuit of Equity: Analyzing Vehicle and Pedestrian Crashes in Low-Income and Minority Communities
  • School Site Planning Design and Transportation

Webinars in this category are designed to help transportation professionals develop the skills for a successful career.

  • Tools for Being an Effective Transportation Consultant Part I
  • Tools for Being an Effective Transportation Consultant Part II
  • Developing Effective Public Policy - Part of Everyone's Job

Long shelf-life webinars designed to provide the basics to new professionals or professionals working in new areas of expertise.

  • Traffic Calming ePrimer
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Requirements for New Schools
  • Implementing the New 6th Edition of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM 6) Webinar Course

Webinars related to preparation for the PTP and PTOE Exams

  • PTOE Refresher Webinar Series