Reach 95% of Agricultural Aviation Operators

The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) represents pilots, aerial applicators, airplane manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Members are located in 46 states, with a majority licensed as commercial applicator/operators. Readers of Agricultural Aviation represent 95% of aerial application operators in the U.S.


Get Your Products in Front of Business Owners and Decision Makers

Agricultural Aviation is delivered to aviators, key government officials and virtually every decision-maker in the aerial application industry— from allied suppliers to pilots and owner/operators. In addition to being the owner of the business, more than 94% of agricultural aviation operators fly their own aircraft. Today’s aircraft utilize sophisticated precision application equipment such as GPS (global positioning systems), GIS (geographical information systems), flow controls, real time meteorological systems and precisely calibrated spray equipment to make sure the pilot is accurate in applying the correct amount of product onto the crop. On the ground, the airplanes are loaded by workers uniformed in protective clothing using closed mixing and loading containment systems to ensure safety to the environment and the worker.

Our Official Publications Are Marketing Tools for Your Business

Readers turn to these official publications for policymaking updates, industry trends, new products and more. Advertising in Agricultural Aviation and the Membership Directory shows your support for the National Agricultural Aviation Association and gives back to your industry. Furthermore, advertising in the magazine helps NAAA in its government relations, public relations, educational and research development efforts supporting the industry.