Magazine App Advertising

Included with Print Ad Purchase: Replica of print ad placed in corresponding issue in mobile app (links to advertiser’s website)


Launch images display in full screen view when a reader first opens Agricultural Aviation’s mobile app. The screens appear in sequence before giving way to the content inside. Agricultural Aviation’s launch screen appears first. A second launch image can appear immediately after the opening launch screen. 

  • 1 quarter/3 months: $700
  • 2 quarters/6 months: $1,300
  • 3 quarters/9 months: $1,850
  • Lock up your exclusive mobile app launch image advertisement for an entire year—all 4 quarters—for just $2,300!

Sponsor launch image may be updated with each issue.

  • 640 x 960px, 640 x 1136px, 1536 x 2048px (all three sizes needed)
  • File type: png
  • Static images only
  • Image cannot be linked


A horizontal banner ad in the Library Screen of Agricultural Aviation’s mobile app. Only one ad will appear on the Library screen in the app at a time. If there is more than one banner advertiser, a new Library Banner Ad will appear when the user goes from an issue back to the library screen in the app.

  • 1 quarter/3 months: $600
  • 2 quarters/6 months: $1,100
  • 3 quarters/9 months: $1,550
  • 4 quarters/12 months: $2,000
  • 960 x 90px (landscape view for tablets), 728 x 90px (portrait view for tablets) and 320 x 50px (for smartphones) – Rendered ad size depends on screen resolution. Providing banner ads sized at all three dimensions is recommended to maximize visibility.
  • File type: jpg, gif, animated gif accepted, with URL
  • Platform: Mobile App only

Limit of two App Library Screen Banner advertisers per quarter (new quarter begins when new quarterly issue launches)

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