NAAA eNewsletter 

The NAAA eNewsletter is a timely source of news and information that keeps NAAA members up to date on important issues happening in the aerial application industry. Typically published weekly, it is delivered to members via email. On average, NAAA produces more than 50 eNewsletter issues per year. Recipients include NAAA member operators and pilots, manufacturers, suppliers and other decision makers in the aerial application industry.

Banner ads appear below the first article teaser on the front page of the newsletter (highlighted in red in the sample).

NAAA eNewsletter Banner Ad

Horizontal Banner: 385 x 70px

Limit of two horizontal banner advertisers per issue.

File type: jpg, png, gif accepted (static images only), with URL

1 Issue: $300
2 Issues: $400
One Month (4 Issues): $800