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NACAC’s e-newsletter, the Bulletin, is delivered to all NACAC members. Published and emailed to members, the Bulletin keeps members abreast of the latest news in the profession and from the association.

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The Journal of College Admission Digital Edition

Become a digital sponsor of The Journal of College Admission and your ad will be see in the inboxes of thousands of readers who are only a click away from learning about your company. Eblast of the digital version of the Journal is sent quarterly to coincide with the mailing of the issue. See below for placement and pricing. 

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The reader opens the digital version of The Journal of College Admission and the half page ad is placed right beside cover.

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National College Fairs Website

Average Users Per Month: 40,000

GottomyNCF.com is the portal where students and parents register to attend the NACAC National College Fairs. National College Fairs attract over 600,000 students every year to the 97 fairs held throughout the United States.

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