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You can now advertise on the homepage of NAHU’s website, The website has always been a destination for insurance professionals and policy experts to visit for information, but it has also become a destination for consumers.

The “Find an Agent” feature of the website, where consumers can quickly find information on agents and brokers in their area, has been mentioned on “The Today Show,” in The Washington PostWomen’s Day, Kiplinger’s, Money Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, on Yahoo Finance, and in Suze Orman’s latest book.

Consumers are visiting the site in record numbers, and your vertical banner ad can appear just below the “Find an Agent” button. There are also top and bottom banner ads that guarantee you high visibility.

Web Sizes & Rates

Side Rectangle

300x250 pixels

Bottom Banner

728 x 90 pixels


$1,500 per month rate (for 3, consecutive-month placements)

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Average impressions per month: 66,069.08
Average clicks per month: 34