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REALTOR® Magazine is the official magazine of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the business tool for real estate professionals. REALTOR® Magazine provides information on real estate industry best practices, brings expert insights to significant industry trends, and provides REALTORS® with timely decision-making tools to determine business purchases and strategies.

REALTORS® represent a massive market for your products and services. Collectively, REALTORS® spend $7.8 billion on products and services annually for their businesses. Target this lucrative market through REALTOR® Magazine.

The print magazine includes:

  • Practical, how-to articles on selling, law, management, and more
  • Profiles of successful practitioners
  • Summaries of recent court cases
  • News on federal laws and regulations affecting you
  • New products for your business
  • Interviews with newsmakers




"Advertising in REALTOR® Magazine was a great business decision. I always know when the latest issue has arrived because my phone starts ringing and doesn’t slow down for days. Weeks later we still get calls and sales! Thank you!"

Jim Sullivan | Founder |

2021 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Highlights
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Cover Feature: One Together

The REALTOR® Community: A conversation with NAR 2021 President Charlie Oppler on how the pandemic brought organized real estate together–and how that spirit of unity will carry into 2021
Economic Outlook
Make More Money in 2021
Selling Strategies: Building Relationships Remotely
Special Section: Marketing





Cover Feature: Closing the Gap

The Promise of Equal Housing Opportunity: Communities examine how they contributed to racial disparities and offer solutions for achieving equity in home ownership
1031 Exchanges
My First Year (during the pandemic)
Selling Strategies: Attracting Overseas Clients
Special Section: Technology





Cover Feature: Right Side of the Law

Reduce Your Legal Exposure: The top reasons real estate agents and brokers are sued, and how to minimize risk 
Military Real Estate
30 Under 30: Class of 2021
Selling Strategies: Drone Marketing Update
Special Section: Staging





Cover Feature: Building and Design Trends

New Construction and the Pandemic: Home designs for a remote work world; Plus the impact of the disability movement on building design
Future of Cities
Building Strong Banking Relationships
Selling Strategies: Working with iBuyers
Special Section: Mortgage





Cover Features: 
Good Neighbor Awards: The National Association of REALTORS® celebrates the giving spirit of REALTORS®
The REALTORS® Relief Foundation: 20 Years of Emergency Assistance

Franchise Report
Selling Strategies: Choosing the 'Best' Offer in a Bidding War
Special Section: Client Appreciation




Editorial lineup is subject to change.

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