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REALTOR® Magazine is the official magazine of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the business tool for real estate professionals. REALTOR® Magazine provides information on real estate industry best practices, brings expert insights to significant industry trends, and provides REALTORS® with timely decision-making tools to determine business purchases and strategies.

REALTORS® represent a massive market for your products and services. Collectively, REALTORS® spend $7.8 billion on products and services annually for their businesses. Target this lucrative market through REALTOR® Magazine.

The print magazine includes:

  • Practical, how-to articles on selling, law, management, and more
  • Profiles of successful practitioners
  • Summaries of recent court cases
  • News on federal laws and regulations affecting you
  • New products for your business
  • Interviews with newsmakers




"Advertising in REALTOR® Magazine was a great business decision. I always know when the latest issue has arrived because my phone starts ringing and doesn’t slow down for days. Weeks later we still get calls and sales! Thank you!"

Jim Sullivan | Founder |

2020 Editorial Calendar

Cover Feature
Editorial Highlights


That’s Who We Are

“Our Brand Is Integrity”: A conversation with NAR 2020 President Vince Malta
Eliminating Seller Pain: New Presale Renovation Models (+NAR Research: Remodeling Impact Report)
Economic Outlook: By the Numbers


Buying and Selling Season

Declutter: Your Clients, Your Business, Your Life (But Don’t Take It Too Far)
Creating Homeownership Opportunities: A New Approach
Goodbye to Single-Family Zoning?



Why I Vote, Act, Invest
Eye on Local Issues: Success Stories and Battlegrounds
New Condo Rules: Their Effect on Markets
30 Under 30

Bonus issues distributed at the Mid-Year Conference in May



MLS of the Future
Home Trends: Design, Building Technologies, Local Regulatory Trends, Smart Cities Movement
Tech Watch: Which Startups are Making the Biggest Splash in Real Estate?


Red, White, and Blue

Presidential Candidate Q&As
REALTOR® Champions: Election Preview
Drilling Down on Military Real Estate


Professional Development

Social Media Advertising
Video Marketing How-tos
Filling Your Knowledge Gaps (the C2EX Effect)
Good Neighbor Awards

Bonus issues distributed at the Annual Conference in November





REALTORS® Buyers’ Market

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