Print Opportunities

Hot Companies/Hot Products

REALTOR® Magazine’s HOT COMPANIES/HOT PRODUCTS special advertising section is a popular industry showcase for new companies or products and industry innovations. HOT COMPANIES/HOT PRODUCTS advertorials are highly effective in communicating the reasons why REALTORS® should be doing business with you or using your product. All advertorials are published in both the print and digital editions with web links.

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Custom REALTOR® Mini-Mag

Promote your products and services by collaborating with our editorial team to create your own custom-published version of REALTOR® Magazine.

  • Custom content and design produced by REALTOR® Magazine in support of your messaging
  • Unparalleled access to current NAR research and statics to support your offering
  • A digital edition of your custom publication for use on your website
  • Exclusive premium advertising placement to highlight your campaign
  • Scalable print quantities to meet your needs







Digital Opportunities

REALTOR® Magazine Online Sponsored Content

Get in front of more than 300,000 unique monthly visitors. We will feature your article on for up to one month. 

  • The first week, your content promo is placed on the Main Stage of the Homepage
  • The second week, your content will be promoted on a Section Level Landing Page
  • The remainder of the month, the promotions will be in our “More About” area of the Section Level Landing Page
  • The article content is promoted in various newsletters during the month
Material Requirements
  • 600–800 words of content
  • 1 image: 1300 x 620px
  • 1 image: 200 x 130px
  • Image source information
  • A high-resolution photo and bio of the writer of the content
Content suggestions: 
  • Include ways our readers can overcome a problem or obstacle
  • Aim to educate and avoid overly promotional language
  • Reveal best business practices from other professionals in your area of expertise

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Email Content Sponsorship

Our emails are a great way for you to connect with our audience!  Let us promote your webinar, e-book, and special-offer content!

Editorial promotion includes a link to your webpage in marketing communications for one month:

  • REALTOR® Mag Tips (monthly to 287,000 members)
  • REALTOR® Mag News for one week (daily to 52,000 subscribers)
  • Member’s Edge (weekly to 786,000 opt-in subscribers)—links to a REALTOR® Magazine blog post

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