Commercial Digest

Reach Commercial Real Estate Professionals in this industry-focused digital eNewsletter with trends that affect the commercial real estate market and includes research, technology, and financial news – plus other hot topics for members to gain valuable information.  Both are published by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

NAR’s Commercial Member demographic and business profile:

  • Typical member has a median tenure of 8 years of commercial real estate experience with a primary specialty in commercial real estate
  • 70% of members have a combined specialty in both commercial and residential real estate with 5 years or less experience overall
  • Members have experience with both residential and commercial specialties
  • NAR average membership: 18 years
  • 45% of members are 60+ years old 
  • 72% of commercial members are male
  • 56% members are married
  • Nine in 10 commercial members are homeowners
  • Median Annual Income for commercial members is $86K

Source: 2020 Report on Commercial Specialty

Commercial Digest is a monthly eNewsletter that is delivered the second Tuesday of each month to 61,000 subscribers.

  • Low unsubscribe rate: 0.01%
  • Open rate average: 29%
  • Clickthrough rate: 4%

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