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  • Two text ad positions and four rectangle ad positions are available each month


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Source: Adestra (JanAug 2019)


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New for 2020 - Video

Make a huge impact in every eNewsletter by adding a video ad. Your video will be the first thing a member sees right at the top of each enewsletter. 

There are four scenarios to include video in email:

  1. Video Plays Out. Must be clicked in email, will play with sound. Additional click will go to designation destination link (in mobile emails apps)
  2. GIF Loops. Auto plays and goes to designated destination link (in Outlook Mobile and webmail views)
  3. Static Image. Will go to designated destination link (in desktop Outlook)
  4. Text. The defined text and destination link will be rendered.


  1. Provide ad destination link.
  2. Advertiser supplies the video (can be uploaded into YouTube).
  3. Ad frame to show as initial thumbnail.
  4. An image that is displayed at the end of the video.
  5. An alternative text description.
  6. An 8-second frame of time you would like to be set for the GIF loop.
  7. A single still image for the last display scenario.
Open rates broken down by device for video:

REALTOR® Mag News:

43% Mobile
54% Webmail
4.1 Desktop

REALTOR® Mag Tips:

55% Mobile
43% Webmail
3.8% Desktop

Member’s Edge:

93% Mobile
4.5% Webmail
3.4% Desktop

AE INS eNewsletter:

41% Mobile
47% Webmail
16% Desktop