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REALTORS® can find the latest news and information vital to their business at The online companion to the print magazine offers exclusive content not found in the print magazine, including daily news updates, product guides, consumer handouts, tech tips, sales and marketing solutions, and much more. is always introducing new features that lead to unique advertising opportunities that deliver impact, awareness, and traffic, making it the perfect place to showcase your products and services and complement your print advertising program.

Average Monthly Pageviews: 537,309

Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 302,136

Based on a 9-month avg. Jan.Sept. 2019.

Advertising space is available on the REALTOR® Magazine Online home page and on seven topic sections. Both the leaderboard and rectangle placements are sold together and run simultaneously on a page until the total agreed impressions have been met.


Digital Specs

Ad Placement


728 x 90, 640 x 100*, 320 x 50*; URL


300 x 250; URL

*Additional sizes needed for mobile responsiveness. NOTE: We do not accept 3rd party ad tags for mobile responsive ads. .jpg, .gif and .png files ONLY.

Online Advertising Guidelines

  • Image types: JPG, PNG (GIF for REALTOR® Magazine Online only)
  • Max file size: 40k per unit
  • Max looping: 30 seconds
  • Animation allowed on REALTOR® Magazine Online only
  • Animation time: 30 seconds suggested, 3 loop maximum
  • No audio allowed
  • 3rd party ad serving allowed
  • All creative must be submitted five days prior to the launch of the campaign date
  • Linking URLs must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address
  • We strongly recommend that Rich Media ads be submitted in HTML 5 format. For HTML 5 technical requirements click here
  • REALTOR® Magazine Online reserves the right to accept, retract, or reject any advertisement at any time. 
  • Provide linking URL with ad creative submission; third-party tags must be live at the time of submission to enable thorough testing before launch
  • Advertisements cannot resemble REALTOR® Magazine Online content
  • Creative cannot use the REALTOR® name or logo without preapproval from REALTOR® Magazine
  • Cookies are not allowed
  • Submit artwork to