2022 Media Kit

Over 1.5 million REALTORS® are the driving force of the competitive residential and commercial real estate marketplace. REALTORS® are entrepreneurs and small business owners who are also trusted influencers to millions of home buyers and sellers. Capitalize on this lucrative market by advertising in REALTOR® Magazine and our multiple print, digital, and online communication channels in 2022.





Median Age 54
Female/Male 65% / 35%
Median Household Income $116,700
Married 69%
Registered to Vote 95%
Veterans/Active Duty Service Member 12% / 1%
Obtained Bachelors Degree+ 51%
Homeownership 82% Primary Residence / 37% Secondary Property
Community Volunteers 66%


REALTOR® Magazine readers are engaged with the publication. 


Read both the articles and advertisements in REALTOR® Magazine

25.5 minutes  Average time spent reading REALTOR® Magazine
85%  Readers who report taking action during the past year such as recommending products/services, or requesting additional information/visiting an advertiser’s website as a result of reading  REALTOR® Magazine
65% REALTOR® Magazine readers say they are more likely to trust a company that advertises its products/services in the publication
55% REALTOR® Magazine readers said they are more likely to click an online ad if they’ve seen the advertiser’s message in the publication
85% REALTOR® Magazine readers prefer the print magazine vs. the digital edition
1.9 Average readers per copy (includes those receiving the publication and those passed along to colleagues)

Profession publications received and read regularly.

REALTOR® Magazine
8% Bloomberg Business 
12%  Fortune
21% INMAN News (digital) 
7% The Residential Specialist 
12% RIS Media Magazine 

Readers look to REALTOR® Magazine as a resource for:

58%  Closing Gifts 
48% Education/Training 
56% Home Inspection Services 

Trusted Influencers

REALTORS® refer service providers to their clients.

86% recommend products and services to their clients.

REALTORS® Recommend:

53% Homebuyer assistance programs 
62% Home warranty/residential service contract 
48% Homeowner’s insurance
86%  One or more product categories 

Profession News 

REALTOR® Magazine readers place value on the latest developments and options within the following categories/all topics that are covered in REALTOR® Magazine on regular basis.

93% Mortgage lending and assistance, homeowner’s insurance, title insurance, home warranty programs  
87% Finances and retirement planning  
96% Legal and regulatory information related to real estate 
91%  Marketing my business and/or properties  


Small-Business Owners

REALTORS® make their own buying decisions and spend generously on products and services.

The REALTOR® market of more than 1.5 million practitioners has a collective purchasing power of $7.8 billion.

$1.7 billion Business use of vehicles
$67 million Marketing of services
$708 million Technology products and services
$864 million Business promotion/marketing
$864 million Administrative
$888 million Professional development 

Technology Adopters

COVID-19 proved to be a unique time for real estate with extremely high buyer demand and 40-year lows in housing inventory. More than ever, REALTORS® embraced new technologies and marketing strategies as a way of doing business to reach their audience to bridge the gap when in-person contact was limited and social distancing was essential in order to find suitable and afforable properties for buyers. In addition, REALTORS® tend to find the most value in technology tools that allow them to conduct business quickly and conveniently, and on the go.

96% use a Smartphone for conducting business with existing clients
95% use email to conduct business on a daily basis
74% use Facebook for professional purposes
56% use LinkedIn for professional purposes
44% use Instagram for professional purposes
36% have enlisted the use of drones to use in business


Reach More Owners and Managers

Three times a year, REALTOR® Magazine features content directed toward broker/owners. 

Broker Profile

Median Age 57
Attended College 93%
Median Household Income $135,700

Sources: 2021 NAR Member Profile (March 2021) for 2020 statistical data, 2017 REALTOR® Magazine Member Profile Study, GKI MRI 2017 Readership Study, 2017-2019 Harvey® AdQ Study. 
The AdQ Study is a quantitative ad readership and effectiveness study designed to provide publishers with ad readership, editorial, and reader profile information.  This information is usable for both sales purposes and editorial guidance.  AdQ measures the effectiveness of advertising among those with buying involvement – the advertiser’s target audience  – and a key element in proving ROI to advertisers.