Become a sponsor for a local or state Good Neighbor Award to promote the “good” that REALTORS® are doing in their neighborhoods and one that mirrors the national Good Neighbor Award Program that NAR promotes each year to 10 winners of this prestigious award – now in its 22nd year.


NAR research shows that REALTORS® volunteer in their communities at more than double the rate of the general population. That should be celebrated and promoted!

To increase the number of REALTORS® who are recognized for their volunteer work, NAR encourages state and local real estate associations to launch their own Good Neighbor Award. NAR offers a toolkit and tips to make that process easy.

For the last three years, NAR has offered funding to encourage state and local associations to launch their own Good Neighbor Award. This generated a lot of momentum and new programs.

The benefit of these local and state programs from NAR's standpoint is that each time a Good Neighbor Award program recognizes another REALTOR® it generates positive local and national media coverage about REALTORS® doing good and reinforces the message that REALTORS® do much more than sell houses--they improve communities.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be part of a growing initiative at NAR to communicate how much good REALTORS® do in their communities. Become a sponsor today and receive the following promotional opportunities!

  • Name and logo on the web page
  • Name in all editorial mentions about the program
  • Name in social media posts promoting the program
  • Name at all awards ceremonies for the local and state winners

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