2018 Editorial Calendar


You Own It! 

Are You Hav​ing the Career You Want? What agents need most to soar.
  • President Elizabeth “Own It” Mendenhall has a bold agenda that embraces industry disruption. >>Plus: Other women leaders in real estate who are reshaping the industry and how they broke through. 
  • Your Brokerage EQ: How broker owners and managers use their emotional intelligence in recruiting, hiring, and leading their teams and connecting with consumers. PLUS: How to build your EQ--“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” Peter Drucker
  • Back-to-Basics: You can’t own it if you don’t know it. Agents weigh in on the most indispensable advice they’ve received. 
  • How MLSs are redefining their future (Sam DeBord or other agent at the center of MLS of Choice movement)


Danger Watch: Cyber-Safety and Other Risk Reduction Strategies

From phishing to disclosures? Fire prevention to fair housing? We explore topics that will help reduce your exposure and keep you informed about little-known dangers.
  • How big data usage may run afoul of fair housing considerations (eg. Targeted Fb ads could violate fair housing law.)
  • Cyber-security: Hot to talk to clients about cybersecurity risks- A road map
  • Agents/Brokers Who Recovered from cyber scam-Should you hire a consultant to prevent a hack attack?
  • Katie’s Top Five  Risk Management Tips (From NAR’s Brokerage Essentials book)


Real Style-30Under30

Is Your Workstyle Working for You?
  • 30Under30s offer a window into the future of real estate.
  • What’s in style on the home front: Kitchens trends Top staging apps. Hot colors. The consultants speak.
  • Real estate pros who use online stylists (Stich Fix, high-end used clothing, amazon) Tips and video with ideas for upgrading your professional look) Wisdom from stylist Alison Lumbatis, author of Get Your Pretty On.   
  • Multigenerational living has been kick-started by the growth of the “accessory dwelling unit” biz. So-called granny pods for aging parents and wheel pads for someone with mobility issues who wants maximum independence. Accessory dwelling units are increasingly the answer to inventory and affordability issues in some communities. What questions do practitioners need to ask about the rules and regs?



Creative techniques and tactics that help agents and brokers stand out in a crowded field.
  • The Foodie Niche: A look at real estate pros who market to food lovers, restauranteurs looking for cool spaces, and lovers of community gardens and agri-hoods.
  • How will the era of driverless cars change the real estate biz and the way communities are designed? Will commuting nightmares vanish? Dina Hoggs of Tucson is tricking out a fleet of Mercedes luxury vans (and hiring chauffeurs) to create mobile offices to show property in high-style and get deals rolling along (literally.)
  • How university towns are hotbeds of entrepreneurship
  • Profiles of former REach companies that are flourishing


Managing Chaos/Embracing Disruption

What are the best practices already underway or on the horizon for dealing with lightning speed of change?
  • Rising sea levels are changing how people build and where people live. What’s the real estate business like in flood-prone or storm-ravaged areas?
  • Block-chain tech in real estate/how they will underlie smart home contracts
  • Managing Buyer Regret: How Realtors help buyers feel better a purchase when they’re plagued by doubt. (crowd sourced)
  • In high demand, low-inventory markets, tensions can run high between agents and clients and between agents on opposite sides of a negotiation. Sometimes urgency leads to bad behavior. How to avoid or mitigate these tense encounters.
Ad Study Issue



The Good Neighbors are REALTORS® who pay it forward every day.
  • 2018 Good Neighbors: What fuels the generous spirit of these incredible volunteers
  • How good works help your business: Author interview:  Do Good! By Ann Bahr Thompson
  • Closing Gifts- What closing gifts mean to buyers. When is a gift over the top?
  • Ask consumers: What do you appreciate about homeownership