Geofencing is mobile marketing taken to the next level, allowing a perimeter to be set up around the convention center that triggers user interaction when attendees enter the space. Geofencing also lets you get the most out of your advertising with powerful analytics, including insights into how many people see your ad and how many people engage.

By offering hyper-targeted location-based ads, you will capture the attention of attendees at the annual convention, in their hotels, and even back at their offices after the show. Don't miss this targeted advertising opportunity!

Packages start at $3,000 for 70,000 impressions.


Display banners for both desktop and mobile in all of these sizes (JPEF or GIF plus click-through URL): 

  • 728 x 90 pixels 

  • 300 x 250 pixels

  • 300 x 600 pixels 

  • 160 x 600 pixels 

  • 320 x 50 pixels 


Convention Daily News (CDN)

Distributed to members and convention attendees.

Last year's metrics:

  • Day 1:  20.3% open / 45,017 sent
  • Day 2:  27.7% open / 44,986 sent
  • Day 3:  29.2% open / 44,956 sent
  • Day 4:  33.1% open / 44,938 sent

Send Dates:

  • CDN 1: June 29
  • CDN 2: June 30
  • CDN 3: July 1
  • Post CDN: July 5

Various ad sizes available in all issues of the CDN eblast distributed during and after NATA 2022.

Ad placements are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Price (5x send)


728x90 px


Banner 1

468x60 px



120x600 px


Banner 2

468x60 px


Sponsored Content

280x195 px image, 5-7 word headline, 100-word description and link to the article of your choice



Social Media

Promote your presence at the NATA convention through NATA’s social media. Posted with an exclusive NATA convention exhibitor frame and the #ATExpo hashtag, you can show attendees how you will make an impact at the annual event.

Twitter: 28,000+ followers — @NATA1950
Facebook (Main Page): 28,000+ followers — NATA1950
Facebook (Event page): 5,000+ followers — @NATAMeeting
Instagram: 10,000+ followers — NATA1950

1 Facebook post on main NATA page, 1 Facebook post on NATA events page, 1 Instagram post, 1 tweet 


Materials Requirements
Placement Feed Image Dimensions and Guidelines Feed Ad Character Limits
  • Recommended News Feed image size: 1,200 x 900 pixels
  • News Feed image ratio: 4:3
  • Recommended formats: JPG and PNG
  • Text: 90 characters (longer posts may be truncated on small screens)
  • Call to action with URL
  • Twitter in-stream photo: Minimum- 600 x 335 px; Maximum- 1024 x 512
  • Maximum file size: 5 MB for photos and 3 MB for animated GIFs.
  • Text: fewer than 280
  • Call to action with URL
  • Instagram photos: width-between 320 and 1080 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 1.91:1 and 4:5
  • 2,200 character limit (truncated at 125)
  • Call to action with URL



Sponsored Blog Post on NATA Now 


Average reach: 9,062 visits weekly

Looking for content? Share product details, industry insight from your company’s perspective, or anything relevant to ATs with a sponsored blog post. Posted with an exclusive NATA convention exhibitor frame- limited to 1 advertiser per week.

  • Photo size: 720 x 514 px; 72 dpi
  • Word count: 400-700 
  • Disclaimer that will be used with posts: NATA is not responsible for omissions, misprints, or other proofing errors and does not endorse this advertiser. The opinions expressed in this advertisement are those of the advertiser alone and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of NATA. Statements and data have been provided by the advertiser alone and have not been authenticated.
  • Tag that will be used with posts: Advertorial 
  • All content is subject to review by NATA editorial advisers. 
  • Any facts or statistics must be published in a peer-reviewed publication and cited in the ad. 
  • The use of the term “trainer” or “training room” instead of “athletic trainer” or “athletic training facility” will not be accepted. 
  • The word “Advertorial” or “Advertisement” must appear at the top or bottom of the blog. 
  • Blogs must be suitable to publish as-is. NATA is not responsible for any errors in content. 
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser. 
  • All materials must be submitted in accordance with published deadlines and must meet criteria stated in advertising policy. 
  • Materials that do not meet stated advertising specifications will be rejected. 
  • Ask your account executive for submission processes and deadlines.


NATA Chats


Chat with NATA about a topic related to ATs with this unique opportunity! Presented as a prerecorded video and uploaded to Facebook, you can have the chance to speak answer to questions that are written by you and approved by NATA for up to 15 minutes. 

Promotion Schedule: 1 week out

  • 2 posts on social media - one before, one after
  • 1 mention in Range of Motion