The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the world's largest mathematics education organization.

NCTM was founded in 1920 and includes a membership of 38,000 and more than 200 affiliates.

Who are NCTM members?

Position %
Classroom Teacher 57%
Teacher Educator 15%
Consultant 8%
Administrator 5%
Math Coach 4%
Curriculum Supervisor 4%
Retired Educator 3%
Math Specialist 2%
Researcher 2%

NCTM members are loyal and experienced:

12.3 years                15.7 years

average number of years as a member of NCTM          average number of years in the education field




What do NCTM members buy?

  • Assessment Resources
  • Calculators
  • Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories
  • Common Core Resources
  • Games and Toys
  • Hands-on Materials and Manipulatives
  • Higher Education
  • Online Resources
  • Professional Development Books and Resources
  • Professional Organizations
  • Ready-to-learn Materials
  • Software Apps
  • Teaching Resources
  • Textbooks

The buying power of the NCTM readership

$371 million

total 2013-2014 budget for math-related
products and services for NCTM member organizations

$275 million

total value of products and services recommended,
specified or purchased in the last 12 months




are involved in purchasing


buy products/services for students/
classrooms out of their own pocket