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Circulation: 33,000

Average Open Rate: 13%
The NEMA eiXtra e-newsletter delivers valuable industry news every month to 33,000 subscribers. Take advantage of our new sponsored content placement to deliver maximum ROI.
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468 x 60


Sponsored Content 
  • 180x150px image (JPG or PNG)
  • Headline (5-10 words)
  • Copy (50 words max)
  • Call to action
  • URL to link to call to action 

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electroindustry Magazine Annoucement 

Circulation: 43,000
Average Open Rate: 16%
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640 x 356



Space and artwork due 10 business days prior to launch date.

Ad Specifications

Ads not meeting the size requirements will incur additional fees to rework.

  • JPEG or GIF format only.
  • File size limit is 40k.
  • For sponsored content, please submit a headline, body (250 characters with spaces), and URL link(s).
  • Advertiser must supply a URL link for the ad.
  • Proof of publication available upon request.
  • Send ad materials to sendmyad@theygsgroup.com