Media Terms & Conditions

All advertisements are subject to the approval of the Publisher.

Advertiser indemnifies The YGS Group and the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association (NH&RA) against losses or liabilities arising from this advertising. The YGS Group assumes no liability whatsoever, except to the extent of a one-time paid advertisement of the same specification, in the next or similar publication, if any proven or admitted errors or omissions have occurred. Full payment is due net 30 days upon receipt of the invoice. Interest shall be charged at 2% per month compounded to yield 26.82% per year on overdue accounts. A charge of $30.00 will be levied against all returned checks. Revisions to previously submitted ad copy are subject to additional charges. In the event of a contract cancellation, the advertiser/or agency agrees to repay The YGS Group any discounts granted on multiple insertions less any discount applicable for the number of insertions completed in the contract. All cancellations must be received in writing prior to the advertising sales deadline. All premium positions are noncancelable. Prices are net of agency commission. Ads may also appear in an online version of the publication(s). The YGS Group is not responsible for errors if a hard copy proof is not submitted with the electronic file. 

Advertising Policies

Acceptance of Ads: All ads are accepted and published by the publisher on the representation that the advertiser and/or publisher are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. When advertisements containing the names, pictures and/or testimonials of living persons are submitted for publication, the order of request for publication thereof shall be deemed to be a representation by the advertiser of the name, picture and/or testimonial of any living person which is contained therein. It is understood that the advertiser and/or advertising agency will indemnify and save the publisher from any loss, expense or other liability resulting from any claims or suits for libel, violation of right to privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement and any other claims or suits that may arise out of the publication of such advertisement. All copy, text and illustrations are subject to the publishers’ approval before execution of the order and the right is reserved to reject or exclude copy which is deemed by the publisher to be unethical, misleading, extravagant, challenging, questionable in character, in bad taste, detrimental to public health or interest, or otherwise incompatible with the character of the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association and its publications, in the opinion of its editor, or which that does not meet the approval of the Federal Trade Commission (whether or not the same ad has already been accepted and/or published in Tax Credit Advisor magazine or any other publication). Acceptance of advertising is subject to investigation of the advertiser, their merchandise and services. The publisher may mark as “Advertisement” any advertisement that resembles editorial matter.

Liability: Publisher assumes no liability for errors resulting from illegible copy of key numbers, or from unsatisfactory results in the opinion of the advertiser and/or agency.

Payments and Cancellations: All payments are due within 30 days of publication. No cancellations will be accepted after the closing date. In the event of a cancellation and/or rejection by the publisher (explanation need not be given), the advertising already run shall be paid for or billed at the rate provided in the contract. If an advertiser and/or agency terminate an advertising contract before its completion, the ads previously run will be prorated according to the full, non-frequency rate. NO cancellations or changes in any order have to be accepted after the closing date. However, the publisher will accommodate the advertiser as much as possible. The publisher reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement. Upon acceptance, publication is dependent upon space availability. Publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions if the advertiser does not supply the correct artwork by the closing date. (The previous ad will be picked up and repeated unless notifi ed by the advertiser.) Advertiser agrees to abide by the payment terms and conditions set forth in the current rate information.


Natalie Matter Bellis
Account Executive