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Advertising in National Parks positions your products and services in front of passionate readers from all over the United States while they’re planning their trips and working to protect America’s favorite places. Establishing and maintaining a presence in National Parks will boost your revenue and help you gain long-term customer commitment as readers build a strong association between your brand and their passions reflected in NPCA’s quarterly magazine.

Join the voice protecting and enhancing our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for present and future generations.

Reach a readership of more than 650,000 action-driven readers
when you advertise in National Parks magazine! 

2020 ASME Ellie Awards

Finalist for General Excellence, Special Interest.

28th Annual NATJA Awards, 2020

Bronze for Family Travel category
Silver for Historical Travel category
Bronze for Illustrated Story category

Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

The most prestigious travel journalism contest in the country.
2019: Silver for photo illustration.
2018: Honorable mention for overall travel coverage.

2018 Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards

Winner for Range of Work by a Single Author. Honorable mention for Overall Design Excellence, Overall Editorial Excellence and Single Article.



National Parks readers have a wide variety of interests, including traveling and exploring the outdoors.

National Parks readers travel for pleasure or business within the continental U.S. an average of five times per year. 89 percent of readers plan on traveling within the next 12 months and 24 percent indicated the use of campground accommodations. Reach this adventurous audience and keep your destination top-of-mind as these readers plan their trips. 71 percent of National Parks readers use moderate hotel/motel accommodations and, on average, spend seven nights in these accommodations per year—that’s millions of overnight stays.

Circulation: 320,000
Readership: 652,500 (including pass-along rate)

About National Parks Readers:

46%      Male
51%      Female
68         Average Age
23.5%  Graduate School Degree
47%     College Degree

*2015 Signet Ad ProbeTM Study

Related Facts

87%   Own a home
74%   Have researched travel on the internet
73%   Have visited at least one national park
72%   Own a computer
61%   Likely to pay more for green products
56%   Have grandchildren under 18
49%   Own a pet (cat or dog)
25%   Have a child in the home



Nearly 60% of readers have taken action as a result of an advertisement in National Parks!


National Parks readers regularly buy products and love exploring new places.

With an average of $110,700 earned pre-tax income in 2015, this affluent audience has the means and motivation to buy products that both enrich and simplify their lives. While balancing professional, family, and community priorities, they also recognize the importance of taking care of themselves, their homes, and their environment.

The overwhelming majority of National Parks readers participate in outdoor activities and have an estimated investment portfolio of $401,000 on average.

Where Readers Travel

65%   Museums/Cultural Sites
65%   Historic Sites
64%   State Parks
63%   Mountains
59%   National Parks
53%   Beaches
33%   Bird/Wildlife Sanctuaries

Where Readers Stay

71%   Moderate Motel/Hotel
34%   Budget/Economy Motel/Hotel
24%   Campground
24%   Upscale 5-star Hotel/Resort

*2015 Signet Ad ProbeTM Study


What Readers Love to Do

Building A Collection
Dining Out

What Readers Purchased in the Last 12 Months

Hiking Shoes/Clothing/Gear
Digital Camera
Camping Equipment

Readers Love the Environment

91%   Use Environmentally Friendly Products
83%   Take Vitamins/Dietary Supplements
48%   Use Green Tech in Home