About NSA

Chartered in 1940, the National Sheriffs’ Association is a professional association dedicated to serving the Office of Sheriff and its affiliates through education, training, and information resources.

NSA represents thousands of Sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement, public safety professionals, and concerned citizens nationwide.

NSA's many programs and services include the nationally acclaimed Neighborhood Watch program; Triad; Certification Programs in Jail Operations, Court Security, and Homeland Security; Training in Jail Operations, Court Security, and Homeland Security; and more.

The National Sheriffs’ Association offers two distinctive printed publications that allow you to reach America’s top law enforcement decision-makers:  Sheriff & Deputy and the Annual Sheriffs’ Directory. We also offer many online opportunities (including webinars).  

Leading law enforcement professionals rely on both for reliable news and information. 

About Sheriffs

Sheriffs, the highest elected local law enforcement official, make top-level buying decisions for their counties and city jurisdictions.  They keep on top of the latest products and trends.

The duties of today’s Sheriffs are far-reaching and include homeland security, court security, jail administration, prisoner transportation, traffic safety, investigation, community policing, drug interdiction, and more.

When Sheriffs pick up the phone or go online to order products and services, how do you increase the odds that they will reach out to your business?  By advertising with the National Sheriffs’ Association. This decision will help ensure that Sheriffs know—and remember—your company and its products and services! For all your advertising questions, please contact: 

Natalie Matter Bellis
(o) 717.580.8184
(f) 717.825.2171


With an annual budget of nearly $22 billion collectively, Sheriffs have already set money aside to purchase products and services.