Digital Advertising Opportunities

Put yourself one click away from the nation’s Sheriffs.

Reach key decision-makers and law enforcement executives.

Your ad will be placed on our home page and on the main pages for each section of our website and will rotate with other advertisements. Rates can be negotiated to get more frequent rotation.

Increase your brand awareness and your sales to our audience.

Yearly Web Stats

185,767 page views
74,608 unique visitors

Rates and Specs

Cost per Month


  • 240 x 120 pixels with URL


Premium Homepage Text Ad

  • 35 words including a headline
  • Click-through URL 
  • Image (optional) = 3600x1558 px – Please stay away from putting anything substantial (text/images) on the left side of image, as that’s where the text box goes. Please also place any additional graphics (i.e. logos) closer to the middle of your image.


Files Size: 20K maximum
Image File Format: JPG, GIF, or animated GIF (no flash files will be accepted)


NSA All-Points Bulletin eNewsletter

Frequency: Monthly
Circulation: Approximately 7,000 
Open Rate: 21.9%
Cost per Month
Cost per Year

Content Ad

  • 50 words with URL
  • Logo



Display Ad

  • 600 x 110 with URL



New Video Sponsorship in All-Points Bulletin eNewsletter 

Frequency: Only 1 video spot available for each month
Cost: $2,500

Make a huge impact in every All-Points Bulletin eNewsletter by adding a video ad.  Highlight your product or service in this new unique format. 

This is how the video will render in the email:
  • Static Image. Will go to designated destination link (in desktop Outlook)
Video Requirements:
  • Provide ad destination link. (YouTube link is preferred)
  • Image to show as initial thumbnail – 650 x 366 pixels
  • An alternative text description for the image, to be used in the text-only version of the email.

Sponsored eNewsletter

Frequency: One available per week
Circulation: Approximately 7,000
Open Rate: 21.9%

Sponsoring company provides HTML coded enewsletter content to be distributed to NSA's member-based mailing list.

Price: $2,500/per eblast 

Material Requirements for the Sponsored eNewsletter:

  • Advertiser needs to provide a fully designed, ready-to-send email in an HTML file as a code in a .txt file 
    • Use a testing service such as litmus to confirm html validation and deliverability of code)
    • All images and fonts need to be linked to the appropriate files hosted on the advertiser’s server (no local files)
    • All hyperlinks need to be embedded
    • 650 px wide (recommended)
    • Avoid a single image as the eblast
  • Text version of your HTML (preferred to have this in a .txt file - see example here)
  • Subject line for email (40 characters recommended; 78 maximum)

Deadlines & Proofing:

  • Materials are due on Monday, two weeks before the scheduled distribution date.
  • Materials that do not meet stated advertising specifications will be rejected.
  • All content is subject to review and approval by NSA.
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility and at the expense of the advertiser.
  • A proof from the email system will be sent to the advertiser for approval.
  • Any delay in the submission of materials or approvals by the advertiser may impact the distribution date.


New for 2022! NSA Conference Eblast 

Be front and center of the Winter and Annual conference email updates that NSA sends weekly to their members leading up to the conferences.

Advertising opportunities are available for both the 2022 Winter and  2022 Annual Conference. Only one advertiser per email blast. 

Frequency: Weekly (up to 12 weeks before the conference)

Average Send: 7,500 recipients

Rate per Eblast

Display Ad

  • 600 X 110 px with URL


Content Ad

  • 50 words with URL
  • Business logo



Social Media

Reach approximately 128,000 Facebook followers each month.*

Per post cost: $1500

Reach more than 38,000 Twitter followers.*

Per tweet cost: $750, three for $1500

Sponsoring company provides imagery, text, and link when applicable.

*Posts are not boosted or promoted with additional funds from NSA.

 Feed and image dimensions and guidelines
Feed ad character limits


  • Recommended specs: 1,200 x 900 pixels.
  • News Feed image ratio: 4:3.
  • Recommended formats: JPG and PNG
  • Text: 50-75 words per post
  • Call to action with URL


  • Recommended specs: 1,200 x 675 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 5 MB for photos and 3 MB for animated GIFs.
  • Text: 100 characters (with spaces) recommended; 280 characters max
  • Call to action with URL


Exclusive Sheriff & Deputy Digital Edition Sponsor

  • Exclusive banner ad in the digital edition announcement e-mail blast and a full-page intro page to the entire digital edition
  • Sent to 7,000 key industry decision makers
  • E-mail Ad Size: 600 X 185
  • Digital Edition Ad File:  PDF
  • Digital Edition Intro Page Size: 8.25"10.875" (Same size as full page in Sheriff & Deputy magazine

Rates: $3,500/issue

Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting campaigns allow you to deliver your banner or video ads to NSA's website visitors after they have left the website, as they are surfing their favorite news, entertainment, lifestyle, and business sites. When your banners or videos are placed in our retargeting program, your ads “follow” our visitors while they perform Google searches and visit other partner websites within Google’s expansive Search and Display Networks. Google Search is the gold standard of internet search engines. The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publishers, including websites like and and Google-owned websites like Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube and more.

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses a simple Javascript code to target your audience across the web and on social media, allowing your ads to be served to qualified users that have visited the NSA website:

You provide your campaign budget and your ads will run until contracted impressions are met on the NSA website. Submitting all materials as recommended will provide the highest placement rate and allow the system to best optimize your ad campaign for performance. Keep the message simple and the text as large and easy-to-read as possible.






Advertiser to provide the materials as noted for the contracted display ads or video for the Retargeting Campaign:

  • Banners:
    • Display banners for both desktop and mobile in all of these sizes:
      • 300x250
      • 300x600
      • 320x50
      • 728x90
  • Video
  • MP4
  • File Size: 10MB
  • 15-30 second video

Materials need to be delivered to YGS at least two weeks prior to the campaign starting. (Pixel needs placed on the website two weeks prior to build the list of visitors who will be served the ads.) 

Contact your NSA Account Executive for advertising information at