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Frequency: One available per month
Circulation: 5,000
Sponsoring company would provide eNewsletter content to be distributed to NSA'a mailing list.


NSA Bulletin Newsletter

Frequency: Monthly
Circulation: 5,000

Content Sponsorship - $1,600 per month 

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Size: 600 x 110

$15,000 for all editions for the year

NATI Newswire

Reach: 6,000 email addresses

This monthly newsletter reaches Sheriffs, Deputies, Community Outreach Officers, Community Service Providers, and Older Adult Volunteers.  It serves to provide crime and scam trend updates, provide resources for combating crime committed against older adults, and trainings and materials as they are available for those working with older adults.

Exclusive Sponsorship: $15,000 for all of the year Or  $1,600 per month
Size: 400 x 150
Only 1 Opening per Month Available


NSA Conference Newsletter

Frequency: 7 (leading up to conference) 
Circulation: 27,000
Exclusive Sponsorship: $6,250 for the year or  $1,050 per newsletter 
Size: 400 x 150
Only 1 Opening per Newsletter 


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