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The SIOR website holds all current and archived issues of SIOR Report magazine, enewsletters, social media links, member and industry information, and much more.

The SIOR website is the main source of information and services for SIOR members and elite professionals in the commercial real estate industry. News and information are current and relevant, and top-decision makers visit the site on a regular basis.

The robust online member directory is the first stop for any industry professional looking for experts around the globe. Information on upcoming events, educational opportunities, and membership requirements is available. The SIOR website is also responsive and mobile friendly.

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Find an SIOR's search banner generates ads based on search criteria entered by the user (i.e., an ad purchased for California will appear when members are searched for in California) - exclusive by state

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SIOR Monthly eNewsletter

SIOR Monthly is the SIOR headquarters’ monthly enewsletter that is distributed to the entire SIOR membership. Each edition includes important news and information our members care about. Readership continues to rise with each edition, well above industry standard.

Target specific advertising campaigns and get frequent, consistent exposure with this widely distributed and well-read platform. 

The dimensions of these ads will scale up and down to best fit the way it is being viewed. Keep mobile in mind when setting font sizes.

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SIOR Sponsored Eblast

Let SIOR send an email blast to our membership as sponsored content. Showcase your products and services in a customized format. 

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Material Requirements:
  • Fully designed ready-to-send email in an HTML file (use a testing service such as litmus to confirm HTML validation and deliverability of code) 
  • All images and fonts need to be linked to the appropriate files hosted on the advertisers servers (no local files) 
  • All hyperlinks need to be embedded 
  • Advertiser to supply Subject Line of email 
General Requirements:
  • All content is subject to review by SIOR editorial advisors 
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser 
  • Materials that do not meet the stated advertising specifications will be rejected 
  • Content must exclusively relate to the advertiser and make no mention of SIOR or indicate any affiliation or partnership