The term REALTOR® is a membership mark of the association and it means “member of the National Association of REALTORS®  and we restrict its usage. 


  • Rates are based on frequency within a 12-month period from the first insertion.
  • Advertisers earning higher rates than established in their initial contract will be credited. A short-rate invoice will be issued when it is apparent that the contract upon which billing has been based cannot be completed in a 12-month period.
  • The publisher may change the rates published in this document at any time. However, this increase will not apply to advertisements with closing dates that precede the announcement of increased rates.


No cancellations or changes in orders will be considered unless submitted to the publisher in writing prior to the closing date. Cancellations or changes received after closing are subject to penalty. Orders for cover advertising are accepted on a noncancelable basis only.


REALTOR®, REALTORS®, and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® are collective membership marks that serve to identify members of the National Association of REALTORS® and distinguish them from nonmembers. 

Members are licensed by the National Association of REALTORS® to use one or more of the marks in reference to themselves and their real estate business. The term REALTOR® denotes membership, not the jobs performed by members, and should only be used in contexts that relate to membership. 

REALTOR® should not be used interchangeably with the titles “real estate broker” or “agent” or a person who provides those services. 

The term REALTOR® is always capitalized, followed by a registration mark (®). The words REALTOR® or National Association of REALTORS® should not be hyphenated. 

It is incorrect to use descriptive words or phrases to modify the marks (i.e., Top REALTOR® or Successful REALTOR®). 

The first time the official name “National Association of REALTORS®” is referred to, it must be stated in its entirety. Thereafter, the abbreviation NAR may be used. 

All advertising materials must conform to this policy. The advertiser will be charged for any corrections made.


  • The publisher reserves the right to reject or to cancel any advertisement at any time.
  • Advertisers and advertising agencies shall assume liability for all content (including text, representation, and illustration) of advertisements printed, and shall also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher.
  • The publisher will not be liable for any failure to print, publish, or circulate all or any portion of any issue in which an advertisement accepted by the publisher is contained if such failure is due to acts of God, acts of government or government instrumentality (whether federal, state, or local), strikes, accidents, work stoppages, fire, or any other circumstances beyond the control of the publisher.
  • The word “advertisement,” in not less than 7-point type, must be carried at the top of all advertisements that carry no signature or simulate editorial material. The advertiser will be charged for alterations and corrections.
  • All advertising contract position clauses are treated as requests. Since editorial requirements change as issue production progresses, the publisher cannot guarantee fixed positioning.
  • Advertising materials will be stored by the publisher for 12 months and then destroyed, unless otherwise requested.
  • The publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on order blanks or copy instructions when such conditions conflict with the regulations set forth in this rate card.
  • Repeat ads (pick-up ads): the most recent advertisement will be picked up unless otherwise indicated on insertion order.


Display Advertising
Payment is due within 30 days of date of invoice. No cash discount is given. Publisher shall have the right to require payment for advertising upon such terms as publisher sees fit, prior to publication of any ordered advertisement. In the event of nonpayment, publisher reserves the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to the publisher.

Classified Advertising
Prepayment is required on all advertising, which must be received for each ad by the issue closing date. Payment may be by check payable to the National Association of REALTORS® or by credit card. Corporate advertisers will be allowed credit by NAR after approval of a credit application.